Olympic Fever

It's that time of the year, you guys. The Winter Olympics is well underway, and this is always a time of great excitement for us Canadians.

What better way to celebrate than to be sporting these hoodies? I wear this every time the Olympics is on.

Hudson Bay hoodies 

our gold-winning Figure Skating team (image from globalnews.ca)
Are you guys watching the Winter Olympics?


rooth said…
How cute and appropriate! I'm following the highlights but not watching anything sadly
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I'm definitely watching The Olympics. Although I'm sad we didn't win the gold, the Canadian figure skating team rocked it, especially in the couples performances. I'm also enjoying all the snowboarding right now.

Adam said…
I usually don't watch, USA usually does so well all the time, not many of us care like other countries do. I did see a clip of the beautiful Mirai Nagasu do that triple axle thing.
I seriously love that hoodie! So cute and patriotic! And our fellow Canadians have been doing so well. Very proud!
What a fun tradition for your family! We’re only interested in the figure and short track skating! Virtue and Moir are my favorites when it comes to ice dancing ;) They’re just in their own class!
Those hoodies look so comfy! I am loving these Olympics. You have such a great figure skating team, I am so excited about the men's and ladies' event, and about seeing a triple axel in competition!
Bambi said…
Nice outfits :) I was planning to watch Olympics but I forgot that I've got quite a busy month at work now.
Valerie said…
I love the hoodies...so cute! We love watching the Winter Olympics, and this is the first year where we can watch it on CBC which is really exciting! :)

I love watching the Olympics, and your team gear is awesome! Fun fact... I used to train at the same ice rink as Scott and Tessa. Totally cheering them on :)
I saw some of the Olympics but missed a lot b/c of FW : (. I hope to catch as much as I can and love your matching all red looks!

Mica said…
Those are such fun outfits, I like that your daughter got involved too!

I haven't watched any of the olympics but I know Australia has won a few medals which is cool! :)

Hope you are having a wonderful week. The heatwave continues here unfortunately, so uncomfortable! No hoodies here, haha!

Away From The Blue Blog
I've been so obsessed with the Olympics this year!
Emmy, I've been in Olympic mode as well! I love it. Way to support your country girl! I'm a figure skating fanatic.
I don't do Olympics hahaha. I hate them actually. Always have. More so because I find them boring. That is all. That and (when I used to watch more mainstream TV) it always hogs up the TV channels hahaha. I did want to watch the opening ceremony but I missed it. I didn't even know it was on nor could I find any info to record it here. The app on my phone couldn't find it. It did show, but, yeah, missed out.

Miu said…
I am only watching the Olympics at the gym when I'm on the crosstrainer, because it is being broadcasted on the screens there 😆 So far I've watched figure skating, biathlon and bobsled race.
LL Cool Joe said…
I have a Canadian Olympic jersey somewhere, I should dig it out and wear it just for you!

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