A girl can dream....

Guys, you know I've never had any sponsors on this blog (except for hubby...bwahaha). I'm gonna let you in on a secret though...my dream sponsor is Adidas. That's right...I'm putting it out there on the universe!

(Honourable mentions: Uniqlo, Vans, Topshop, and Comme des Garçons..hehe....)

Adidas jacket and sneakers, tank top from my mom, Uniqlo pants

I got this for a steal at Topshop a loooong time ago.

Out and about


May your dreams come true chingu :D I'm really lucky to work with some great beauty brands that I love but my dream fashion sponsor would be APC ;p
Adam said…
We actually have a major Adidas plant in my city
Adidas is such a great brand! And by putting it out into the universe, you are one step closer to making it happen!
Valerie said…
I'm a huge fan of Adidas too, and I'm loving those sneakers! They are so cute! :)

LL Cool Joe said…
I've always preferred Adidas to Nike, although I wear both. Are your kids into labels, mine are, but maybe not the ones you'd expect! My older daughter loves Superdry and Northface, my younger daughter likes all the retro sports brands like Kappa, Puma etc.
Mica said…
You look great in your Adidas wear! I think you have the casual and cool style required to pull it off, so I hope you do get sponsored by them! Dream big, anything can happen! :)

Hope you had a nice weekend :) We had the little one's birthday party so that was a lot of fun! Good way to end a busy week!

Away From The Blue Blog
Hena Tayeb said…
Well now it's out there.. you never know :)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I hope you get an Adidas sponsorship. You would rock them!

Caramella said…
You look adorable! Love your hair <3

They need to hit you up and make that happen!
I can totally see this happening for you one day Emmy. Easily. Keep dreaming girl and dream big always!


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