Anchors aweigh!

So....I feel like this winter will never leave us, guys! We just had an ice storm, and it's the middle of April...sigh....Well, one thing that's sure to make a girl feel good is having new stuff in the closet. (Yes...I'm shallow.)

shirt my mom got from Marshall's, H&M pants, Ugg Australia Adirondack boots

And another lovely gift from the hubby...almost scary how much he knows what I like and don't like.
Muji Water Repellant Trench Coat
Love this coat soooooo much. I've been wanting something like this for awhile coz I think it's such a timeless piece, you know?

Anyhoo, I hope you are all having a better weather than us over here!


rooth said…
I really like the new shirt - do you know where she got it?
This fickle weather has been like a merry go round and I want to get off already! I think it might finally be ready to be Spring in NYC this week. Hope the warm weather will find you soon as well. We were so surprised to see the Jays game postponed yesterday since they play in a dome and then we saw the news about ice through the roof. Just crazy! Love your specs chingu!
LL Cool Joe said…
Nice new coat. Well done hubby!

It's actually quite mild here in the UK at the moment, I was actually outside gardening. I know, Brownie points for me right? :D
Love the trench coat and anchor top! It snowed here today. Thankfully, it's not sticking...
The weather has been so insane....I still can't believe we've been dealing with an ice storm in April! Crazy. But on a better note, that trench coat is unbelievably gorgeous. It makes me smile that your husband knows your style so well. That is true love!
isidora said…
I love your cute t shirt!
Adam said…
nice trench coat, it's hard for guys to wear them due to perverts ruining the image.
We are shirt sisters! I am wearing a top with teeny tiny anchors on it today :-)
GlamourZONE said…
Those trousers are really beautiful. Great design.
I love trench coats. This one is beautiful. You're going to get so much wear out of it.
Lily of Nigeria said…
Love your shirt. White shirts are so versatile in styling. Nah,you're not shallow fashion is comforting.

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