Smile like you mean it

I've mentioned in this post about my obsession with the band. What's a girl to do but buy some band merch, of course...bwahaha!

(purchased from The Killers store)

Let's all enjoy some more of their music, shall we?


Cool shirt! Back in high school I lived in band shirts (Metallica, Korn, Deftones and Limp Bizkit....)
Mica said…
haha I love the tee and hoodie! I have a few band tees but I don't wear them often enough, I should really pull them out for a wear again.

Hope you are having a nice start to your week! After a busy weekend spending time with some friends from Church who flew in from the US, I'm enjoying a quieter week.

Away From The Blue Blog
WE said…
Simply cool...
Oh my gosh, I love the Killers! That t-shirt is so so cute!
They have such a cool logo! I loved wearing band tees back in college when I used to go to concerts every month.
rooth said…
Gotta love me some merch!
Adam said…
I hope the price wasn't killer
LL Cool Joe said…
My partner loves the Killers. Love the logo, very cool.
I really like the band very much, and your Tee is adorable. The length is my favourite. <3 xx/Madison
Yes to band merch! Can't remember the last time I brought some though. Or the last time I went and saw a show for that matter. Worst still The Killers were in Oz recently too. Booooo.

Oh to Be a Muse said…
I really should start listening to their new stuff. I'm just such a fan of Hot Fuss. Smile Like You Mean It is a fave as well as Jenny Was a Friend of Mine. Awesome hoodie and tee.
Valerie said…
Band merch is so much fun! I love the tee and hoodie!
GlamourZONE said…
That hoodie is awesome, i love the killers too.
Gotta buy the Merch when you're a fan! Looks good Emmy!

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