Two birds with one stone

I'm one of those moms who like matching outfits...not for the kids, mind you, but for me and my daughter...bwahaha!

This is the latest thing I've finished knitting...a sweater to match the jumper I made for my daughter awhile back.

sweater I knitted using Mary E. Jacob's Love Birds pattern, worn with BDG jeans and Vans slip ons

Here's my daughter wearing the jumper I made her using the Love Birds Jumper pattern by Arenda Holladay, who is also my teacher in one of the knitting courses I'm taking. She's awesome.

being a little monkey

In progress:

If you knit, I highly recommend joining The Knitting Guild Association. For a small yearly fee (currently $25US), you get access to Cast On Magazine (where these patterns are from), and be able to enrol in courses & certifications (for a reasonable price) such as the Master Hand Knitter program (am slowly plugging along on the last level, you guys), and Swatch to Sweater (learning to design a knitted sweater, which I'm also currently taking). It's such a great non-profit organization!

I am a member but am not sponsored or anything. Just really love knitting and this group. TKGA has really helped me become a better knitter:)


Amazing sweeather my dear
Adam said…
I can imagine the boys probably wouldn't sign up to match mom. Good thing she's there for you
I love the idea of matching outfits. That is so cute! And you both look fantastic. Fashionable and fun :)
Emmy, I love your daughters jumper and your sweater! Both are so cute! You two absolutely kill me. LOL You guys are just too cute for words. Great job!
Both pieces came out beautiful Emmy! You are such an amazing knitter and I love how you match up with your mini me :D Sometimes my husband and I low key twin. Hey I do shop for both of us and he lets me pick put his clothes on the weekend ;p
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I absolutely adore when you and your daughter match. This is a pretty lovely jumper. And can I just say this: when did your daughter get so tall? She's almost at your shoulders now. Crazy!
Bambi said…
You did the outfit for you and your daughter on your own? Wow! You're such a talented person, I'm sure your kids have to be proud of you! Both outfits are great!
rooth said…
Holy cow your sweater is amazing!
GlamourZONE said…
Hi dear, this is so beautiful. It is a great talent that you have. you both look beautiful
Oh these came out GREAT!! I don't knit but I learned a lot about the knitting world when I use to work at Soho Publishing. And I met some well known knitters like Nicky Epstein and Vickie Howell. I was even on a photo shoot with Vickie Howell. It really opened my eyes to how much knitting is having a resurgence.

Mica said…
Oh you and your daughter are so cute! :) You are so skilled at knitting, you make such beautiful pieces, and it's always fun to have a matchy matchy moment! :)

Hope you are having a great week so far! Been a wet week here, but still not too cold :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Arenda Holladay said…
Wonderful photos! I'm going to share them with Mary Beth. You make us proud!

Oh you two are just adorable. I am all for mother-daughter fashions!

Miu said…
You are so talented!

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