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Friday, June 8, 2018

In memoriam: Kate Spade

It is rare that a famous person's death would affect me personally, but this was what happened when I heard that Kate Spade had passed away on Tuesday, June 5th/2018. What a truly sad day for the fashion world. I was shocked, much like most people. I never knew she suffered from depression.

For this post, I thought I'd share the story of my one and only Kate Spade bag.

The Kate Spade black nylon tote was the first designer bag I had ever owned. I was a poor student when I bought it at Holt Renfrew. I couldn't afford it, but I didn't care. I just remembered clutching the Holt paper bag while going home on the subway, with my precious inside. I was so ecstatic!

I loved this tote, and for a long time was the only thing I was using. It was bag for school, when going out, at formal occasions, my first real job after was a constant companion.

You would think after all these years that it would be battered up, but it still looks as good as I did when I bought it (albeit with a tiny tear on one of the handles). It's one of the few things I've never let go.

I carried this bag everywhere, you guys.
in Paris

in Versailles
Rest in peace, Kate.


  1. I have no words this morning after the news about Anthony Bourdain. May their precious souls rest in peace.

  2. I too was completely shocked. Her designs have long been a source of inspiration for me. Though I could never afford a Kate Spade bag myself (I always dreamed of splurging on one of her fun bags, something in the shape of a taco truck or a boat), I have earrings, accessories, and wallets of hers in my collection. In fact, the bracelet I wore on my wedding day was from Kate Spade. I absolutely LOVE your Kate Spade bag and the story you shared with it. It's amazing how an accessory can make you feel *so* good and ready to take on the world.

  3. You must of loved Kate Spade

    and hated Marie Antoinette lol

  4. It was such sad news to read, especially when she is a founder of a brand that seemed so fun and happy! It's never nice to hear of someone's death, but more so when you never suspected the issues they were dealing with before it.

    Her accessories and pieces made people so happy - it's sad she felt she didn't have that same simple joy in her life and things got so bad for her. I guess we never nkow what people are going through.

  5. I remember how classic those bags were. RIP Kate

  6. It has been such a sad week.. along with two well known people I came to know of four more people passing away.. including a 25 year old girl and a 4 day old baby.. it has been a really really heartbreaking week.

    People need to start dealing with mental health with much more seriousness.. is is not another form of cancer..

    be well

  7. This news came as a huge shock. For someone so successful you'd never guess she had problems that'd push her over. And them there was Tony Bourdain a few days later. My goodness, another shock! I do have a few of her bags and love them hard too. Now I'm never going to let go of them. Just sad.

  8. I only read the news once I returned to the UK and to be honest I'd never heard of her, but what a tragic way to die. Isn't sad to think that your bag has outlived her?

  9. That bag will never go out of style Emmy. I was shocked as well. I started thinking about the different things I purchased from Kate Spade. That's what led me to do a post as well.

  10. I know it is shocking and truly sad. What is happening in your society and world where people who are so successful and have so much take their own lives. I think she would be happy to know how much joy this bag brought to your life and how it was part of your life for so long.

    Allie of ALLIENYC


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