Inspiration: William Eggleston

"Eggleton's focus on a world of images which is associated with ordinary American life, with which he has a kind of love-hate relationship and of which various groups of works show perpetual variations, results in our immediately associating certain objects with his work. The combination of his special way of looking at things and his specific composition gives rise to an individual visual language whose recurring elements, or those developed on this basis, create a style which, via this recognition, reveals Eggleston as the originator of these images."

-Thomas Weski, "From Memphis With Love"
 Books above:
William Eggleston: From Black and White to Color
William Eggleston: Paris
William Eggleston: Democratic Camera (Photographs and Videos, 1961-2008)


Oh wow, some of those photographs are incredible. It's amazing that you are able to look into his work and get inspired.
Do you have Chromes? It's a must for any Eggleston fan! He had such a way of finding the beauty in the ordinary! My photography professor had us study his work when I first got into color photography.
Mica said…
They are lovely images that make you stop and look. Thanks for sharing! :)

Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! I have a friend's birthday party tonight I'm looking forward to :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Oh what an interesting and inspiring book. Being a budding photographer I will have to check this out.

Those books look awesome!
stylefrontier said…
the photographs look great !
style frontier
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Really nice photography. I love the perspective of that tricycle photo. Stunning.
Valerie said…
Wow, these photographs are amazing! Each image seems to reveal such an interesting story about life!

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