One proud mama

My daughter participated for the first time in her music school's summer festival. It's an annual tradition that the school does to showcase their students and give them a chance to perform in front of friends and families.

The great thing was that it was done in categories to make it easier to organize and watch, because otherwise, everyone would be there for days! (There were different groups for instrumental and vocals.)

Here are some pics taken that day.

The first part of the festival was the Length of Study segment.

The video of her entry:)
She won first prize in her category (Cadet)!!!

with the adjudicator 
with her vocal teacher Lucia Prica (she's such a great teacher)
The second part was the Evaluation section where they were scored on techniques and such.

The video of her entry:
They all got Evaluation trophies in her group coz they were all great:)
with my MIL and SIL

I was so proud of her. I hope she keeps it up and most importantly, that she enjoys every minute of it.


Mica said…
Oh that's awesome! Congrats to your daughter! :)

Hope that you had a great weekend! Was a quiet one here as we were all a bit unwell unfortunately. Feeling better today though! :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Ohhh how sweet. I loved meeting your daughter, you must have been proud of her.

LL Cool Joe said…
All your kids are adorable and talented. You all look very smart!
Congratulations to your daughter and her proud mama :D What a beautiful performance! Yes it's wonderful that she enjoys singing :) Hwaiting!
Hena Tayeb said…
Oh wow.. that is amazing.. look at her happy face.. wow
Adam said…
She's got a lot of talent for her age. I know a lot of organized things (like ballet for girls and sports for boys) especially the younger the age, there isn't a lot of talent until much later. But if she likes to sing, she should stick with it. By the time she turns 18, she would have quite the voice behind her.
rooth said…
Congratulations to her! I love how she just soaks it up - no stage fright at all
That is so awesome Emmy! I'm so proud of her. She's a natural and just too cute for words! Give her a great big hug from me.
Emmylou said…
Will do, Kim:) Thank you!
Jane said…
You must be so proud of her! She has a wonderful voice :)

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