Downtown...everything's waiting for you.

We decided to play tourist in our own city and just go around the downtown core, starting at Eaton Centre, then to Chinatown, then back to Yonge-Dundas Square (where we were lucky enough to catch the 5th Edition Thailand Destination event).

Just wanna share some of the pics I took:)

Because I've been blogging for so long and have been taking pics of the family for a long time, it's easy to take candids of everyone coz they're so used to it. Now that I'm learning more about photography, I find this attitude helps me a lot.  It doesn't mean they like it though... more like tolerate:D

I've been kinda obsessing over black-and-white photography lately, so I thought I'd just share this video by Jamie Windsor. Love his YouTube channel.


My first brush with photography was black and white film so it's always had a special place in my heart. I can see why you love it so much as it really opens up a new way to see things. These are great and I especially love the portraits of your youngest and middle children where they both appear to be in reverie.
Hello Emmy
I think you are a really pro photographer. You show us great pics. And i loved to see your family together. And your kids are so cute. Kisses
LL Cool Joe said…
Love the black and white shots. Your kids may not mind you taking their photos, but your husband sure does! Lol. And I'd be just the same!
Kinga K. said…
I love your photos :)
My goodness! I've been to Toronto a million times and it has never looked more beautiful. Your talent as a photographer is undeniable. You truly have a gift.
Adam said…
Your daughter looks super happy
Mica said…
Sounds like a fun day, and you got some great pics. You edited them beautifully, and they are really nice. But your husband in the first photo in the background just cracked me up! :)

Hope that you've been having a nice week! It's been a very cold one here!

Away From The Blue Blog
Mason Soiza said…
Beautiful candid photos..I just felt heart broken when i see disabled people on the streets doing such stuff. Thank you for sharing this.
Jane said…
Love your photos and the mood too! And your husband in the first pic! :D
FashionRadi said…
Love the black and white photos. The storytelling and mood are perfect!
Oh I love this post! It has such a documentary feel to it. Your photos are great! It seems your photography skills are really coming along. You should make print of some these. Keep it up!

Allie of
rooth said…
OMG your husband in the first photo. I love the B&W shots you've done in this series
Love those black and white photos! It always looks like you guys have lots of fun together.
Emmylou said…
Thanks so much, Marieken:) How r you doing?
The first photo was kinda funny 'coz of the guy at the back of those children. Anyways the whole blog is nice.

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