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This dress I just bought is my new fave. I've always liked linen for summer, and nothing beats a loose dress. In fact, I've sewn a few of them. This dress was hard to pass up though because it was on sale so got it for a super cheap price, and also...POCKETS! Yay! I wish it came in different colours, but alas....

Urban Outfitters linen button down dress with Juicy Couture shirt and Vans slip ons

Out and about

I sewed the red dress she's wearing:) I think I featured it in the blog awhile back but am too lazy to verify:P

Do you have a favourite summer piece?


Hello Emmy
This Urban Outfitters brand I know from other blogs but doesn't yet exist in Portugal. I think this dress is really your style and you look perfect with it.
The dress you sewed for your daughter is so cute and she's a sweet girl.
Favorite clothes for the summer? I have several, it's my big problem ahahahah

Lots of Love
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Oh so cute! I actually just bought two linen dresses -- great deal on them as well. But sadly, neither dress has pockets.
The dress is so cute and you also look cute on it.
LL Cool Joe said…
Out and about in the loos. Haha. You have to brave to take photos there!

You know with my clothes I try to alternate them all so as soon as I've worn one tee I put it at the bottom of the pile so I wear a different one. As I have about 50 t-shirts I like, it a while before I wear the same one! But I do have favourites.
rooth said…
I've been looking for a non-black jumpsuit for the summer but haven't found one that looks cute and comfortable - help!
That dress looks so breezy and effortless! 'm quite convinced that all dresses should have pockets :) Your daughter's dress is so cute as well! My favorite summer piece lately is my new silk pants but I have this ruffled black midi dress that is probably my all time favorite.
I love an easy style like this to wear, and linen used to always be one of my favourite fabrics in summer, even though my white linen trousers always wrinkled. You look adorable and I love the red frock you sewed the little one. <3
Adam said…
Anywhere where I don't have to be in the sun
Mica said…
Your dress is so cute! I love dresses with pockets, there really aren't enough dresses with pockets around, it's the best feature! :)

Hope you are having a lovely start to your week! :) It's starting to warm up here which is nice, although it's still so cold in the morning!

Away From The Blue Blog
Sakuranko said…
Oh very cute dress~ Like always very cute photos!
I like how you experiment things and try new stuff. Keep posting please.
Brabhams said…
You are so cute and lovely..Nice outfit tho!
Mark Deitch BBC said…
Your such a lovely person, I'm looking forward on your next blog.

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