When it's finally ok

I made this shortall in winter last year. Since we're now in the middle of summer and with the weather being hot, it's finally appropriate to wear it...yay for small victories:D

I really do love this outfit for summer, but man, going to the washroom/bathroom is such a pain!
shortall I sewed using McCalls 7547 pattern, worn with Muji shirt and Birkenstocks


Mica said…
That's awesome you made them! I'm always impressed every time I come to your blog with something else you've perfectly made :)

I just can't get behind any kind of playsuit though, haha! The bathroom issue is too frustrating for me!

Hope you are having a great week so far :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Gosh your sewing skills never fail to impress me Emmy! These shortalls are summer perfect if not the most practical. I don't wear my jumpsuits often because of the bathroom issues ;p
Fashionably Idu said…
Your sewing is getting better and better. I love this!

LL Cool Joe said…
Haha you need poppers underneath like my Granddaughter has. :D Anyway they look cute on you.
That is seriously SO cute! I love it. But haha, very true about going to the bathroom being a pain....but at least you look awesome!
rooth said…
You made that?!
Jane said…
I love it! And I love your pictures too!
FashionRadi said…
So amazing! I can't believe you made these overalls.

Hello Emmy
Its great when we made our own clothes. Yay!! I always saw my mother doing our clothes when we re kids and i know a lot about. When i was a kid i even tell that i wanna be a dressmaker when i grow up.
A bathroom with that is a nightmare ahahah

Haha that's how I always feel in rompers or jumpsuits - comfy except when using the restroom!

Miu said…
It looks amazing but I can imagine the struggle in the bathroom 🙈
Lol. Super relatable! You look great tho.

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