Let's Go To The Ex 2018 (Picture heavy)

Aaaaaaaand...the countdown begins before school starts. How else to "celebrate" than by going to the CNE!!!!

It has been raining on and off the whole week, so I'm so glad that it was just the right weather the day we went.

Pics below as always:)

My fave part of the Ex: the food!

Fried Mars bars covered in red velvet cake batter....bwahaha

Second favourite part: shopping at the Arts and Crafts Pavilion:D

Can you see the little one screaming? Hahahaha

The "Legends of the Silk Road Come To Light" lantern festival was pretty awesome.


I need one of those Mars bars in my life :-)
And I love the Yoshi shirt, as kids we used to play lots of Super Mario World!
Hello Emmy
You are a happy family, that was fun day and night.
The picture you're with your daughter is so beautiful. just to look at your sweet faces I realize that you are really nice people.
I loved seeing the photos of this festival / exhibition, as I don't travel is through the blogs I see what is happening in the world, thank you for sharing a happy day in your life.

have a great weekend

FashionRadi said…
Love festival days. Being there all day long is so much fun... you don't realize how quickly time passes.

Your pictures are amazing! It just isn't summer without a trip to the Ex! I am actually going next weekend and I cannot wait. Thank you for sharing some of your end of summer memories with us all. <3
Adam said…
Pokemon toys will never disappear from carnival games.
Mica said…
Okay I have never heard of a fried mars bar covered in cake but it's all I want to eat right now, haha! Looks like you had a great time at the event!

Hope that you have a nice weekend ahead of you! It might be a quiet one here as we are supposed to get some much needed rain.

Away From The Blue Blog
You guys always make the most of your summers and it always looks like a blast. not quite the same as a fried Mars bar but my husband had a fried Oreo at work this week and he said it was the most disgusting thing LOL ;p Happy weekend chingu!
Glamour ZONE said…
Such a beautiful family. The food looks super yummy. Kisses!
LianaLaurie said…
Thank you for this amazing post!
Hugs ♥
Hena Tayeb said…
Oh so much fun!! Great pictures.

Oh to Be a Muse said…
These family photos are so great. Totally want to go on a few ferris wheels right now.
Sakuranko said…
Amazing and beautiful photos
The fried Mars bars covered in red velvet cake batter look amazing!
Mason Soiza SEO said…
Wow beautiful photos especially the foods lol.
What a great time! I would've been on all the rides. LOL I've been on the Pharoah's Fury.
rooth said…
Yum - sushirrito - looks like y'all had a great time there

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