Inspiration: Shinya Arimoto

I first discovered photographer Shinya Arimoto's works in Tokyo Camera Style and was really taken by his photos. I wanted to order his Ariphoto series but they're always sold out, so when I saw his Vol 9 and 10 were available, I jumped on the chance and finally was able to get my hands on them.

Who has been inspiring you lately?


Adam said…
It is nice that photographers outside of weddings, news, and modeling can make a splash and be successful with it.
Thanks for the intro Emmy! I'm not familiar with Shinya Arimoto's work. His black and white photography is incredible! Happy weekend chingu!
I do not know this artist but it seems like he has a great eye. Wonderful photography, Emmy. Thanks for sharing. <3 Happy weekend dear. x
Mica said…
haven't heard of the photographer before but the snaps you shared look so interesting - definitely can see why the books were sold out! great you got some editions! :)

Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :) It's a relaxing one here!

Away From The Blue Blog
Those photos look interesting!

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