New in...when sales happen

I usually don't like buying clothes too much anymore, partly because I sew, and also partly because I don't really need a lot of clothes considering I wear almost the same things all the time. When I see stuff for sale, though, all bets are off! Bwahaha!

Dress from Urban Outfitters

I like that back is lower, but not too low. Know what I mean?
Flair skirt from Simons

And last but not the least...
I'm a huge Murakami fan. It's actually the main reason I'm learning Japanese. I want to be able to read his works in their original language someday. Needless to say, I was really excited for the release of this book:)

How about you guys? Any new purchases lately?


Beauty said…
It's difficult to ignore a good sale...:-) Beautiful prints on the dress and skirt and I'm loving the pictures; so artistic. I'm all about saving money these days and have been doing some vintage and thrift shopping for myself. Happy Friday
Hey who turns down a good sale ;p It will be super cool when you can read Murakam's works in their original language. I feel like Asian languages in particular just lose so much in translation. I recently got the Vitners Daughter Serum and a Suncoo sweater.
Mica said…
Sales are so hard to resist sometimes! I really like that maxi dress you got, I can see why you had to snap up both pieces! :)

Hope that you have a great weekend ahead! We are going to have another quiet and relaxing one here! :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Oh my gosh, that dress is AMAZING. I can totally see that fitting in with your wardrobe and style. I'm glad that you were able to treat yourself!
Adam said…
I imagine the book wouldn't be in romaji but rather kanji and some hirgana and katakana. I'm pretty bad at Japanese letters, so I could only imagine how reading a real book in Japanese would be.
I really like that dress! I am shopping the holiday sales but am trying not to go crazy...
Hena Tayeb said…
Love the skirt!

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