The Carbeth Cardi

Awhile back, I knitted the Carbeth sweater. It's one of my fave knitted items, so I decided to make the cardigan version, and I love it just as much!:)
Carbeth cardi I made (pattern by Kate Davies) worn with no-name shirt from my mum, UNIQLO pants and Hunter boots

 Worn with a different outfit

with a skirt I sewed using the Sew Over It Pencil Skirt pattern

In progress:

Speaking of knitting, I also finished making this hat for my daughter:)
I used this Drops Design hat pattern. Might make a matching one for me...bwahaha!


iamperlita said…
I love how talented you are! That cardigan looks perfect with both looks! Have a wonderful week!

-PerlaGiselle |
That such a cool cardi Emmy! Love the details and that color on you :) You should totally make a matching hat for yourself. The one you made for your daughter is so nice!

Yes I saw the trailer for Encounter as well and I'm so excited for it now! I loved how it set the mood. I actually liked SHK's hair but wasn't really feeling PBG's. He cut it already and looks like a prince again ;p
Mica said…
I love the colour of your cardi and it looks so cosy! Cute hat for your daughter too, you should definitely make one for yourself! :)

Hope that you are having a good week so far! Another hot day here, but I have the day off to enjoy it :)

Away From The Blue Blog
It looks so good! And I absolutely love that it can suit so many different outfits. The colour you chose is wonderful as well. It is such a lovely shade for fall and winter. You are so talented, it blows my mind sometimes!
rooth said…
Oh I love that little hat :)
Eleine said…
So cute!
Miu said…
Both of them look so cosy!
Emmylou said…
Thank you, Miu! Hope you're doing well!

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