Wear all the things

When I was young, I used to hate dressing in layers. Like...if I can get away with just wearing a shirt and jeans even in winter, I would totally do it.

My oh my...your thinking definitely changes when you're older. Now, I wear so many layers somedays that I feel like Joey from that Friends episode where he was wearing all of Chandler's clothes. Also am now the one nagging the kids to always dress properly. Adulthood sucks sometimes:P

UNIQLO turtleneck shirt, dress from Urban Outfitters, no-name leggings, Timberland booties, hat I knitted

image from Today

Has your dressing changed drastically over the years?


rooth said…
LOLOL. I still hate wearing all the layers and am consequently cold ALL the time in the winter. Stay warm!
Same! I didn't like to wear layers when I was younger because it felt so cumbersome. I do it now because I hate being cold and I like playing around with different ways to style pieces. I definitely dress much better now that I prioritize quality over quantity :)
Mica said…
I think layers are essential in the cold weather! :) Plus an outfit that makes you think of friends is a good one, haha! I loved that show. I like how you layered the red under the black dress, cute way to layer and still stay warm :)

Hope that you are having a great week :)

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Haha, I hear you on the layers! I used to hate it and now I am all about layering. It really makes a difference, especially when it is so cold outside!
stevevhan said…
I love layers too, loving December cause that's the only chance i can get myself a layer due to the season. The last pic is probably me! XD
Valerie said…
I wasn't a fan of layers back when I was young too, but now I love it because it keeps me warm! I'm loving your outfit...the turtleneck paired with the dress is such a cute combo!

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Oh to Be a Muse said…
I'm back! And I love this color combo together, hun. I agree with you that I totally love layering as an adult. What a great opportunity to wear cozy clothing. And btw, I saw someone on Twitter go as Joey in all his layers for Halloween this year, lol.

Hena Tayeb said…
Love that you referenced Friends!
I think I wore more layers as a young adult.. now I opt for large snuggly cardigans.

Hahaha yes I think that is something all kids and young people have in common and when they are really young they do not like to wear clothes at all. But then we grow and discover fashion and our personal style and yes things change. Love the color of this turtleneck just gorgeous and looks great with the overalls.

I can totally relate, but I have to admit I did not mind dressing in layers because we had to. Your dress is adorable. It's normal for one's style to evolve over the years. I hope you stay warm! xo Happy weekend! /Mads
Fashionably Idu said…
Layering is bae. I was not a fan of it in the past. I love Urban Outfitters, they carry such cute stuff.

Eleine said…
So cute!

I definitely didn't wear as many clothes as I am now! I am already wearing thermo leggings and shirts. Not as many layers as Joey, but I wouldn't be surprised I would be in a couple of years....
Miu said…
I'm definitely only wearing things I am comfortable and WARM in. Why should I be miserable all day long only for others to look at me? ;)

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