Jingle all the way

My middle and youngest kids just had their Christmas Carolling the other day, so I thought I'd just share some of the pics I took. They usually do a Christmas Concert, but I really like this format better. Why? Because it's shorter...bwahaha:D

Wearing a Muji dress, Blondo boots, and scarf I knitted
I told her she couldn't go out without a jacket, but she said because I didn't have one, she wasn't gonna wear one either...sigh....

went to our fave ramen place before the carolling


LL Cool Joe said…
Yes it's all your fault the poor child was freezing to death! Lol.

Your family look like they haven't eaten for a week in that shot! Haha.
rooth said…
Sassy girl :) Wonder who she gets that from - wink wink
It's such a magical time of year! LOL your little one really is your Mini Me ;p
Thanks for the lovely holiday card chingu! The kiddos look so cute and festive :D
FashionRadi said…
So adorable! How cute that she wants to wear what you wear.

Mica said…
Oh, so cute! I love how she wasn't cold in the snow - kids can be funny like that! At least she got to share her cute dress without covering up in layers, haha! I like your dress too, great for colder weather! :)

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) Yesterday the boys had their Christmas concert and it was the cutest thing! They are much younger than yours so I'm guessing it was even shorter than your concert - they had one song each!

Away From The Blue Blog
Adam said…
I can't recall anything Christmas play/concert I had done back in school.
The Christmas caroling looks fun!
Fashionably Idu said…
Your girl looks so much like you. What a lovely family Emmy.

Woahhhhh your girl has strength of steel when it comes to going out sans sleeves in the dead of winter hahaha! How did she manage!?


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