Obsession #45

These are some of the stuff I've recently seen while shopping that I am totally digging:)

These outfits from H&M get a two-thumbs-up from me, esp. that one on the right. That skirt is everything!

How cute are these pink FILA Disruptor 2 sneakers?!?!

This Mackage Miley jacket is da bomb, but alas...$950 Cdn.

I wouldn't really work out in these Adidas FARM pineapple leggings, but I still wouldn't mind having them.

My poor hubby contemplating on life as I wandered around the mall....bwahaha....
What are your current obsessions?


rooth said…
Those H&M outfits are cute, especially that turtleneck
Adam said…
That's a big tree, even for a mall.
LL Cool Joe said…
That Mackage Miley jacket is wicked.

I noticed Kate Middleton wearing a long tartan skirt recently. Not that I'm Royalist or anything. Lol.
Beauty said…
I love going to the Mall during the holiday season to see the beautiful décor and holiday outfit outfits on the mannequins; that Christmas tree is beautiful and the H&M plaid skirt is pretty too. Enjoy the week.
Hena Tayeb said…
Really digging that skirt..

Tartan is such a classic pattern to wear. I love that skirt and the jacket as well. My sister is quite obsessed with it, my parents use to dress her in tartan everything as a child, haha. I'm currently obsessed with mittens, but they are so impractical for my lifestyle and don't exactly work since I am constantly digging for things in my handbag. :)
I hope one or some of these items might show up under your Christmas tree chingu ;p That skirt is totally daebak! I try to avoid shopping during the holidays but I do like to go peep the windows and decor.
That skirt is so fabulous and I can totally see you wearing something like it! I am always amazed by your style. You always look fantastic and I love that you take pictures of the things that inspire you! :)
Mica said…
Oooh I really like that tartan skirt too, what a cute piece for winter! :)

Hope that your week is going well so far :) It's my last day at work tomorrow before the Christmas holidays and I am so excited! :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Chelsey said…
Cute Christmas vibe to the things you’ve been digging.

Maybe you’ll get them for Christmas!
Valerie said…
Oh my gosh, I love that H&M skirt...it is so cute! Also that plaid jacket is amazing! I'm currently obsessed with finding an oversized cozy scarf...I think I should head to the mall too! :)

I really like that plaid skirt!
Hello Emmy
I'm back and I explain everything on the blog.
I'm also in love for this skirt, when I was little I also had a skirt very similar to this pattern.
And how are you? And your kids?
We women go crazy in the malls. I understand your husband, or not !!!


Lovely Mackage Miley jacket, but..waw… the price so expensive for me.
have a great day

Miu said…
I wanted to get the Legendary Christmas CD, but none of the stores in Germany I went to, has it 😂
That H&M outfit on the right, I can totally envision it on you, skirt and sweater and maybe a knitted creation of yours to accompany it too.


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