They grow up so fast!

 My eldest just celebrated his birthday a few days ago. Gosh! When did this little person turn into a teenager?!?!?!

My SIL and younger sis

She photobombs everything!


Happy Birthday!! Haha I hear that. All three of my nephews are in college...

Allie of
LL Cool Joe said…
I know it's scary when the kids grow older because it makes us grow older too! Lol. Bummer. Wait until they're in their 20's! Happy Birthday to your son!

ps. Your daughter cracks me up!
Happy haopy birthday to him! Your family always has the funnest celebrations! Enjoy your weekend chingu!
Aww, I hope he had a wonderful birthday! Your pictures are so so lovely. It's always nice to see happy smiling people :)
Mica said…
What lovely photos to treasure !Happy birthday to your son! :) Looks like you all had a fun time celebrating! :)

Hope that your weekend is off to a great start! The cyclone has moved further offshore which is good news, but we will still have a quiet weekend in case it comes back!

Away From The Blue
Adam said…
Think how much change will happen to all of you'll in just ten short years.
rooth said…
Awww happiest birthday to him!
FashionRadi said…
So Fun! Wonderful family celebration.
Happy B-day!
Hena Tayeb said…
Happy Birthday to your son.
Wonderful pictures.

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