What have I been watching #9

Some stuff I've seen/currently watching that I highly recommend:)

1) Kingdom
image from ign.com

I've always loved zombie movies/shows, so when I first heard of this Netflix production, I was super excited. Well....I wasn't disappointed. 

Loved how the story built up, and how the show also dealt with social injustices. The cast was also fab! Ji-Hoon Ju was great as the Crown Prince and so was Doona Bae as a physician intent on finding the cure for the "disease". 

Fave: Episode 4. Booyahhhh!

Only complaint: I wish it was longer and that Doona had more scenes. Now, I have to wait for Season 2....huhuhu

2) Velvet Buzzsaw

image from imdb.com
I also liked this Netflix thriller/horror. Some of the scenes are a bit cliched, but this is another movie where the great cast really helped pull it all together. Seriously...anything with Toni Colette, John Malkovich and Rene Russo....how can you go wrong?

And now...for some YouTube channels.

3) Zoe Hong
I've been her subscriber for awhile so I'm surprised I haven't featured her before. Her channel discusses all the aspects of fashion design: illustration (drawing flats, using croquis, figure drawing), coming up with ideas for a collection, sewing....just all-around great info. I seriously love her. I find her so inspirational and just very talented.

4) Laura Volpintesta
Her channel focuses mainly on fashion illustration (she teaches at Parsons), but anyone interested in any sort of artistic endeavours should watch her vids. She really encourages people to create and not to worry about making something beautiful all the time, which is a crutch in many of us. Laura is another inspiration.

5) Tamara Laporte
I've mentioned my love for Jane Davenport's whimsical style before, and Tamara from Willowing is another art journalist that does the same sort of faces I love. I find it relaxing just watching her do one of her journal pages.

I have one of her mini courses and I learned a lot in terms of how you can do so much with a little amount of materials. Go check it out:)

Have you guys seen any of the stuff I've mentioned above? What have you been watching lately?


Hi Emmy
I dont know any of it, shame on me.
I found the channels you subscrive much more interesting than the netflix series.
Thanks for sharing.

They just started filming season 2 of Kingdom. Ju Ji Hoon said the script is terrifying and no one is safe. Ryoo Seung Ryong continues to prove why he's one of the best actors in Korea and Kim Sang Ho totally totally the how for me. I hope nothing bad happens to his wife.
Mica said…
The fashion illustration channels are such a good recommendation, thank you! I'm not gifted with being artistic at all but I admire those who do have the talent! :)

I've been watching nothing, it's sad really! I am doing some work-related study at the moment and so my time has been consumed with that, so boring!

Hope that your week is off to a wonderful start.

Away From The Blue
Velvet Buzzsaw is on my to watch list, for sure! I definitely need to get myself together and watch it! Love this list :)
Adam said…
I haven't seen any of these.
Hena Tayeb said…
They all sounds interesting. Had only heard of Velvet Buzzsaw

The Glossychic said…
I am also a very great fun of horror movies. I haven't watched any of these though but Netflix movies are so great. Do you have any idea on how I can download their movies? I'm glad I found this post.
The Glossychic
Wonder Cottage

I love fashion illustration, I used to do a lot of that at work. Will definitely check out the channels. Thanks for sharing. My boyfriend has talked about Kingdom, and I should get on that one when I have more time. Hope your week is going well Emmy. xo
Unknown said…
Yes Yes Yes I’m always looking for shows to watch, I haven’t seen Kingdom now it’s on the list. I’ll check out Zoe Hong’s youtube channel, looks interesting. Have a great week. It looks different here :) I like the new web design Emmylou.
i watched Velvet Buzzsaw, that was pretty kooky. I also watched a documentary called Finding Vivian Maier. I highly recommend it

Allie of
Oh to Be a Muse said…
That Tamara Laporte channel looks great. And I started watching Velvet Buzzsaw but fell asleep halfway through it. I really wanted to like it.

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Estupendo post! Muchas gracias por tu Ășltima visita, espero verte pronto por mi blog! ♡♡♡
Ooh I can't wait to watch Kingdom! But, it's finished?! I swore I only just saw it come up, so it's a shame there's very little episodes. It looks so good. I just started Encounter and loving this show. It's so cute and romantic, MIL is annoying as hell with her manipulations but there's so many twists starting to pop up, it's getting more interesting seeing the weight of the role of others on the show.


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