March Break 2019 (Picture Heavy)

I can't believe it's the last day of spring break, you guys! Wut?!?!?

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share some of the shenanigans we've been up to, including our usual Great Wolf Lodge trip.

Hanging out with my mum and younger sis

Watching Captain Marvel
This is why I don't do selfies.

Are any of you on vacay too? Have you seen Captain Marvel? Thoughts? :D


rooth said…
Yay spring break! You guys always look like you're having such a great time at the Great Wolf Lodge.
Laura said…
Such lovely photographs I'm so glad you had a great time.

Laura xo
You and your family always have the most fun on your breaks chingu! We're actually going to watch Captain Marvel this weekend :)
Hello Emmy
How I wish I was on vacation, but I'm not oh !!!
Your vacations seem to be very funny, just by seeing the happy faces of your kids!!!

Oh my gosh, it looks like you have all been having a great March Break! The week certainly has gone by quickly! Is Great Wolf Lodge a lot of fun? I've always wanted to go but never got around to it. Your pictures are fabulous. ALSO - how did you like Captain Marvel? I am hoping to go see it this weekend.
Mica said…
Looks like such a fun break! it's always great seeing your family having fun and enjoying time together - you are all so funny! :)

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) It's really stormy here, but it's making it a bit cooler so it's welcome!

Away From The Blue
FashionRadi said…
Ohh I need a vacay after looking at these fun, family photos.
Spring break is one of my faves!
Looks like a fun spring break :)
Shon said…
Looks soooo fun! Look at the kids,your son is sooo tall.
We saw Marvel last week and loved it per usual..waiting for Endgame.

Happy Spring,kinda.

Unknown said…
i can’t believe it’s the last day of spring break… wait is it already spring? Great Wolf Lodge looks like so much fun! What a great Spring Break Trip. That’s a huge chair! I can’t wait to see Captin Marvel :)
Kinga K. said…
Very cool break ❤
Spring break?! How are we this far into the year?! Anyhoo I swear your family has the best vacations. Want to adopt me? Hehehehe!


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