New in...when it feels like winter will never end

It feels like the cold weather will be here longer than usual, so why not a bright jacket to "brighten" up the day, eh?

Topshop jacket. Got this for such a good price.

This black jacket was one I got during Boxing Day, but frankly, it's not as warm as my other jackets, so I wait patiently when I can wear it. Soon, I hope.
Lucky Brand jacket
What are your new purchases?


Hi Emmy
Lets say I Like more the first jacket I think is the colors much more brighten that black and because is a little bit short than the other. I m curious to see you with it.
That black jacket looks so cozy and chic. I want to get a NY Yankees jacket that is similar in style ;p
LL Cool Joe said…
Teddy bear jackets are really big now. I really like the one from Topshop.

You still have snow?
Dyn said…
Love the first sweater, what a pop of color!
Unknown said…
When will winter end!!!! It’s been raining for a month :( I’m so over it, I mean I do live in California, so I should never complain about weather. I love that cute, bright and warm Topshop Jacket, it’s adorable.
Oh my gosh, that first jacket is SO cute. It definitely made me smile. I've been trying to add in some colour to liven things up as well. This winter drags on and we have to find ways to brighten up our world!
Mica said…
While you said the black one isn't as warm, they both look like such soft and cosy jackets! Great purchases, especially with all your snow!

Hoping your week is going well so far :)

Away From The Blue
rooth said…
I've been buying skincare stuff - the winter weather is so harsh on my skin AND I'm getting older ;)
Valerie said…
This is one of the things I love about winter...being able to buy warm jackets! :) Both of these are so cute! I'm loving the first one with its stripe design and bright color!
Those jackets are cute! It snowed today, which made me very sad. I'm ready for spring! Lol.
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That's a shame, that bomber looks pretty snug and warm to me. At least for an Australian winter hahahaha. Can't imagine what a Canadian winter is like even though my mum who has cousins in Toronto are always taking (on the phone) about how they're snowed in and how many degrees below 0 they're experiencing.


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