Obsession #48

I've been really digging the bohemian style lately. I am so ready for summer, you guys!

Antik Batik Anika Beige Midi Dress (image from us.AntikBatik.com)

Antik Batik Chacha Short Red Dress (image from us.AntikBatik.com)

Antik Batik Baez bag (image from us.AntikBatik.com)
Isabel Marant Malieke Ballet flats (image from isabelmarant.com)

What have you been obsessing over lately?


R's Rue said…
I love the red dress. Happy weekend.
rooth said…
I need a good pair of summer sandals - any recommendations??
If that red dress was midi length, I'd totally be into it ;p Isabel Marant makes the coolest footwear. I've been eyeing things to wear for warmer weather as well chingu :D
Yes! These pieces are amazing and I am seriously loving that bag. What a unique item. I am definitely looking forward to summer...so I hear you on that.
Sharon said…
That red dress is beautiful! :)
Mica said…
Oh that little red dress is the cutest! I love boho dresses like this. Summer dressing is the best, but it's autumn here and I"m enjoying getting to wear jeans again, haha!

Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you! I'm heading to a blogger brunch today and I'm really looking forward to it :)

Away From The Blue
FashionRadi said…
I love the boho style for spring because of all the festivals happening <3

Now, I'm obsessing over these Antik Batik finds of yours. OMG that red dress and that handbag. Stunning pieces.

Hi Emmy
I think there are two women with an obsession ah!
The dress is really beautiful in its boho style!!

Hena Tayeb said…
So many gorgeous picks.
Miu said…
These dresses are really pretty!

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