The best things in life are free.

I finally had a chance to redeem some of my Air Miles points for this bag...woooooo! I've been looking for a cross-body that can just fit my basic necessities and this just fit the bill. Thank you, Air Miles.

(I know it's technically not free coz you need to spend money to earn air miles points but whatevs, k?)

Roots Edie bag


Yay for air miles and for this cute crossbody! You will love even more during the summer chingu :) I pared down my necessities just so I can carry crossbody bags instead of regular purses. They're just so much more convenient.
I don't know if you made any changes but the recapcha thingy seems to be gone now. Thanks for letting me know that mine was okay btw :D
Mica said…
Such a cute crossbody bag and it looks so good on you! :) I love crossbody bags like this and this neutral colour will go with everything!

I don't use my points for much other than turning it into credit to pay off my bills, ha! Works well when I turn the points I accumulated over the year into credit to pay off the Christmas credit card bill ;)

Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you :) Another busy one here!

Away From The Blue
Kinga K. said…
Very true and pretty❤❥
What a cute new bag!
FashionRadi said…
Love a great leather bag! This one is stunning!
rooth said…
Free-ish? Is that a term?
Hena Tayeb said…
It's totally free! The air miles money was something you were already spending..
And you'd be surprised how many people just let that stuff expire. We have bought Broadway tickets with our miles, Best Buy gift cards that eventually turned into a laptop..
Got to love the air miles! How cool to get a great bag via air miles

Allie of
Ooooh nice! I've never really converted points for anything. Not for myself, I used to give them to mum for household items like an iron and landline phone. I've been saving them now for flights. I have enough for a free flight to Europe at this stage! Though annoyingly they don't let you use them for a return ticket because the entire voyage needs to be paid via points and not half, half. Grrrr.


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