Head to toe

Since UNIQLO opened in Canada awhile back, I find I've been shopping there now almost exclusively (well...maybe along with Topshop) when I do go clothes shopping (which I'm glad have kinda tapered off lately).
old UNIQLO shirt and pants, Vans x Thrasher slip ons

my photographer
using the tote bag with my own print (you can get it here)

Do you have one shop you always go to for clothes?


stevevhan said…
I don't have the option of it much here. I live in Africa now, but way back in the Philippines, i used to shop in Human. I love their jeans. XD
Mica said…
I tried Uniqlo in Brisbane last month - I wanted something specific and they were the only place that had it, but I'm not that convinced to go back, haha! I tend to shop mostly as Jeanswest, so boring and predictable, or Kmart, again boring and predictable. it's like the go-to mum store for everything here, ha! I feel I can get a good idea of my sizing in both those places though which is necessary post-babies with body changes and not a lot of time to shop (although can I really say post babies if my baby is 3? ha!)

Hope that you are having a great weekend! We have our son's birthday party today so he's very excited!

Away From Blue
It's been an age since I've shopped at Uniqlo but they always have great basics. I don't really shop at just one place since I usually have fairly specific pieces in mind that I want to add to my wardrobe.
Amy Aed said…
I've never actually shopped at Uniqlo but it seems like a pretty cool place! I love their style a lot, and wouldn't mind checking them out!

Love the post, and hope you have a great weekend :)
Amy x Wandering Everywhere
Sakuranko said…
Oh very cute style darling
FashionRadi said…
Love this comfy set. I like uniqlo... I have a few tops from there. So soft!

Adam said…
Not exactly, but I usually wear my clothes until they go bad. Daisy has a soft spot for JCPenny
Your tote is so cute!
Hena Tayeb said…
Your little photographer is so cute!
We have a couple of UNIQLO here in New York. I use to shop there more often, but I feel like it has changed a bit over the years. The quality seems not quite as good. Though the styles are fun. Love Vans and your photographer did a great job : )

Allie of
Vision By Mila said…
I have been shopping online lately and I go with Zalando. Free shipping, free returns. But I'd like to go back to "proper" shopping, where I try things on and see if they fit properly. With online shopping, sometimes I'm not bothered to return the items, even if it's maybe 1 cm larger than it should be. Of course, if it's not something hugely priced.

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