Some analogue love #5

It's been awhile since I've posted pics taken on my film camera (old Pentax K1000). TBH, it's taken me awhile to finish this black and white roll and just recently got them developed. Now that the warmer months are coming, I am hoping to get out more and go through a few rolls:)

(35mm Film: Fujfilm Neopan Acros 100, developed by Downtown Camera)

taken by my daughter


LL Cool Joe said…
I like the composition of number 7. Snow?? I'm sitting writing this and the sun is out and it's a really hot day here in the UK!
Yay film! I love the muted contrast look of these photos chingu!
Azka Kamil said…
awesome article :)
have a beautiful day
Oh my gosh, I always love your photography posts because you are just so ridiculously talented. I love all of the joy you capture in your pictures. That last photo is so arresting. I absolutely love it.
Mica said…
Oh wow, the snow photos are so pretty in black in white, particularly that last one! You took a great shot there :)

Hope that you have a great weekend! :)

Away From Blue
FashionRadi said…
Woah so much snow and beauty. Great photography!
rooth said…
The one of your three kids fooling around turned out great! So glad it's warmer now too :)
Evi Erlinda said…
Nice black and white!
great photos. I love film photography.
OMG look at that snow! Ahhhh so cool. I love these shots, film is so wonderful, I'd love to get back into this. My dad gave me (more like I took it because he was going to throw it out!) his old Ricoh and I'm itching to use it, I just don't have anywhere special to capture cool shots, but inspiration is everywhere and you certainly show it with these shots.


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