The livin' is easy.

Just a basic outfit but one of my fave staples for the summer: cropped top and denim skirt/shorts.:)
old top from Urban Outfitters and skirt from my mom, Vans sneakers 
Got these Vans on comfy, you guys!
What is your fave summer outfit?


Mica said…
Love the stripe tee and your Vans look great! Such a cute summer outfit :)

I hope that you are having an awesome week :)

Away From Blue
I love dresses that's my "uniform" but you look very cool, love the sneakers!!
Kim said…
Everything suits you so well! I love casual style too ^^
Okay, every part of this outfit is amazing but THOSE SHOES ARE EVERYTHING. I am completely and totally obsessed. I absolutely love them. I swear, your style always makes me happy.
Oh that tee, love it! This is the second tee I saw today in French, got to love it :) This is a great casual summer look.

Allie of
Azka Kamil said…
awesome article.
thanks for sharing and have a nice day :)
Evi Erlinda said…
Love your skirt!!
Striped tops FTW! I've been loving cropped pj style pants this summer :)
FashionRadi said…
I agree... I love denim skirts. I wear them most often.
Great choice! I really like your comfortable outfit!
R's Rue said…
I love it. I wear dresses all summer. Or I try to.
such a cute summer outfit! LOVE that tee! x
have a wonderful day!
I really adore this outfit Emmy. Stripes are classic and always a great summer favourite. <3 Have a great new week.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
My favorite summer outfit is definitely a comfortable jumpsuit. But I am digging these Vans. I used to live in Vans in middle school.
Hena Tayeb said…
Love the denim skirt.. you look great!
I love an easy t-shirt dress or maxi dress. I get so lazy during the summer, it just gets too hot for me hahahaha. Hope you've been enjoying the sunshine Emmy!


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