Fan Expo Canada 2019

So, it's that time of year again, you guys! Fan Expo is always a day we look forward to. (We've been going since 2012.)If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen some pics already, but here are the better ones from my camera:)

Our whole family is a fan of the Umbrella Academy (on Netflix).

My daughter REALLY LOVES this show! Admittedly, I had to cover her eyes and ears for some of the scenes. Anyhoo, we lined up for an autograph for Tom Hopper (Luther) and I took some shots while waiting.
(This was the first time we've done an autograph session, and man, it's pretty cool to actually talk and interact with an actor from a fave show:))

Emmy Raver-Lampman was there too! (She plays Allison.)

My daughter was really super excited to meet Tom:)

This Iron Man was seriously THE BEST! in, it was like the one in the movie!

Studio Ghibli merchandise!!!!

Tom McFarlane!

She was getting tired.

We also went to the Umbrella Academy Q&A panel. It was awesome!

Baby Groot...cutest cosplay!

Random shots on my phone....
This dude actually DID look like Thor.

We try to do a celeb photo op every year:) This year was Sean Astin....Samwise Gamgee, you guys!!!!

Just wanna show my new mug I got there:)

Do you guys go to conventions?


Mica said…
It looks like so much fun, even though I hadn't heard of the show so had no idea who the actors were, haha! I think I'd be speechless if I saw anyone from the shows I watch so good on you for having conversations and getting autographs! :)

Hope that you had a great weekend! I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :)

Away From Blue
Wow the stormtrooper art made of Lego stormtroopers is seriously the cooles!. Looks like you guys had such a fun time :) Haha I actually had to cover my eyes and ears for some of the scenes in UA as well. Luther was actually my least favorite because I found his character to be quite dull but it's great that the actor was nice. I liked Number Five because he totally GSD ;p We don't go to conventions because my husband and I are not fans of crowds.
Hena Tayeb said…
OMG!! How cool is that! And you met Sean Astin as well.
Oh, I love everything about this post!! I actually went to Fan Expo on the Sunday and it was a lot of fun. Your pictures turned out really well! And how cute is that picture of you, your daughter, and Tom! I absolutely love it. You all met Sean Astin, too! That is so stinking cool! I love him. What a fun time and a fun family tradition. Thank you for sharing some of the highlights!
Adam said…
I don't know how these cosplayers afford this crap.
I always love seeing your images from this. I would have loved to go to this Fan Expo. Very cool, Emmy. Love that you met Sean Astin as well. Baby Groot, haha makes me laugh. Great post, as always. <3 xo
wow, such a great event - my dad will be delightful cause of the Stars Wars :)
Freeoversea said…
I can see that you had such great time there, love it :D
Have a beautiful week,
Grace Liang said…
How fun! Looks like you had a wonderful time!!
Jane said…
Very cool! You got to meet Sean Astin! Love that!
GlamourZONE said…
I love your blog posts. Your family is just beautiful. Kisses!
rooth said…
Awwww Samwise! Love him

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