Let's Go To The Ex 2019

Guys...it's CNE time so for us in Toronto (another yearly tradition). Summer is really ending and is just around the corner....huhuhu....

Anyhoo, just wanna share the pics from that day. :)

We came super early so the Food Building was not packed yet.

My sis got this grilled cheese sandwich with sprinkles. She didn't like it:P

 National Geographic had an exhibit at the Arts and Crafts building.

The kiddos did a few rides...some with my sis.

Carving butter is super cool:)

This is all butter!!!!

dino bone in one of the booths
Do you have any end-of-summer tradition?


R's Rue said…
Great photos. Blessings.
Adam said…
Butter in inevitable
LL Cool Joe said…
Wow those butter carvings are amazing.

That cheese sandwich with sprinkles sounds like a weird combination. :D
Mica said…
Wow the butter sculptures are something I've never seen before! Never seen a cheese sandwich with sprinkles either and don't think I'd like it, haha!

Hope that you are having a great week :)

Away From Blue
It looks like so much fun! I love that you went early. That way, you can actually take pictures of things and enjoy the CNE before it gets too crazy. Also, I'm super impressed by your photos. They look INCREDIBLE. I'm planning to go this weekend with my mom...and I know it will be absolutely packed. Wish me luck!
luxhairshop said…
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both of you, provide me new world
wow such a cool place- this grilled cheese sandwich with sprinkles looks so cool :-)
Looks like such a blast! Why am I not surprised the grilled cheese sandwich with sprinkles wasn't good ;p I'm like totally fascinated by those butter sculptures. Way cool!
Evi Erlinda said…
Such a lot of fun!
Wonderful sculptures.
Sakuranko said…
Oh i love it all your photos, Look like you have a ton of fun with the family
Sharon said…
That looks like so much fun! I always love your family pictures, they always make me smile :) You can really see you all have so much fun, and of course so much love for each other. Those dino bones are very cool too, are they real? To be honest I don't really have any end of summer traditions, does going back to work count? Haha
Vicky Cahyagi said…
New experience see your Travelling. Nice info
Hi, I loved this post, it was the most interesting. I like your blog, do you want us to follow each other? let me know.
Hena Tayeb said…
Looks like you guys had a good time.. some great pics!

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