Blending in

Sooooo....these camouflage joggers are the best because not only are they comfy, you can barely see me amidst all the foliage in our backyard....bwahaha!
Lucky Brand jacket, old shirt and pants, Vans sneakers

I honestly think camo print is a neutral. Don't you agree? :D

BTW, if you're into anything art-related, here's my latest YouTube vid where I talk about my art book collection. (I'm addicted to books, you guys.)

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rooth said…
I'm sure Bryan would agree with you - camo IS a neutral :)
Yeah I think camo could be classified as a neutral. I personally think it looks amazing paired with pink ;p That's quite an art book collection chingu. It's good to keep educating and inspiring yourself when it comes to something you love though. That's how I am with photography.
Mica said…
You have a great collection of books! I don't actually have any camo in my wardrobe - definitely a wardrobe gap! Hubby used to be in the army though so he has enough camo in his wardrobe for the both of us, ha!

Hope that you are having a great weekend!

Away From Blue
FashionRadi said…
I love the camo pants. Very trendy choice, and a great way to blend in :)

Ros @ ZenHealth said…
Do you want to hear something funny? Camo clothing is actually illegal in my country because it's the official wear of our army. Heh. Your pants look super comfy though!
Evi Erlinda said…
This comfy camo looks great with tee and jacket.
estas preciosa con el outfit de camuflaje
Freeoversea said…
Love that pattern, we have coats and shirts that are perfect to blend in with nature :P
I totally agree that camo is neutral! And those pants look fantastic on you. The entire outfit is fabulous. Also, I really loved your video. You have so many great books! I'm definitely a lover/collector of books as well, so the video made me extra happy to watch!
Marisa said…
Look nice and comfortable. :)
Hena Tayeb said…
I don't think I own anything camo?!
I love camouflage, and usually put it in the same category as animal prints, which are neutrals to me. You look lovely Emmy. I hope this week is amazing for you. <3 /Madison

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