Currently Loving #49

These are the current stuff I've been digging lately...really random this round:D

1)Thanksgiving food

 I've always felt sad when summer ends but I must admit that when Thanksgiving rolls around, I do get over it because, well...Thanksgiving food. My mum had her annual Thanksgiving lunch this weekend:D

2) David Roberts The Perfect Mix (from COSTCO)
Dear Lord,
Please give me the strength to stop eating this.

3)Krusteaz Brownie Mix (from COSTCO)
 I've always made brownies from scratch until I discovered this. It's so easy and fast to make brownies now!

4) Copic markers
 I've only tried cheap alcohol markers from Michaels and the dollar store and never could really get the hang out. I decided to give Copics a go because of all the great things I've heard about them, and dayum.....these things are so gooooood!

5) Tidying Up With Marie Kondo
I did a blog post on Marie Kondo and my love for her method back in 2016, but it's only just now I started watching her Netflix show. I just finished 2 episodes and it's really making me want to start decluttering again.

What have you been loving lately?


Mica said…
I tried watching the Tidying up series on the plane for our Europe trip but couldn't really get into it :( Maybe I should try again now I'm on the ground, haha!

happy thanksgiving - the food looks so yummy!

Hope that your week is off to a good start! :)

Away From Blue
rooth said…
Happy Thanksgiving Emmy!
Adam said…
Looks like a great holiday
Everything looks so great! I definitely understand why all of these things made your loving list. Especially that Thanksgiving meal. My goodness, it all looks so incredible! I am so glad you had such a spectacular holiday with your family. Also...I started watching Tidying Up as well and it makes me want to declutter. (Though I could never go as far as many of the people on that show. I do love a lot of the things I own!) I hope you have a fabulous week :)
Valerie said…
Wow, that Thanksgiving lunch looks amazing, and I'm loving the family photo! Also I definitely need to check out Marie Kondo's show! It sounds like it would be really helpful! :)
Evi Erlinda said…
Great Thanksgiving dinner!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Sakuranko said…
Oh very great products darling

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