Blue's Clues

I can't believe it's really December, you guys!!! Anyhoo, winter did come a bit earlier for us this year, with all the snow and cold, but I guess that's Canada for you.
top from Hot Topic, Love Child pants, Ugg Australia boots

Hat designed and knitted by me (prototype of the hat done for the Master Hand Knitter program)


Mica said…
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Mica said…
Your beanie is so cute! it's crazy seeing the snow! I know snow is normal for you but it's so hot here, even though it's just the first week of Summer, and I'm a little worried what that will mean for the rest of the season, especially with all the fires around!

Hope that your week has been good and you have a nice weekend ahead of you!

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LL Cool Joe said…
I wore some camo jeans today, but no beanie hat. :D Oh and a jacket and it's not snowing here. You need to wrap up!
Oh your hat turned out great. I sometimes miss looking at the fun knitting from when I worked at Soho Publishing. Love the color and design. And we had snow here too, I couldn't believe it. Fun this time of year.

Allie of
I can't believe all the cold weather and snow you guys have gotten already. Thanks for taking one for the team oh neighbors of the North ;p I can't believe you did this shoot without a jacket. I don't think I would've last too seconds LOL your hat came out marvelous chingu :D
It's hard to believe how much snow we've had already. I just hope there is still some hanging around when Christmas comes! (And then it can leave, ha!) I love everything about this look. That sweater is fabulous and I love love that hat. It looks amazing.

Sharon said…
I love your cute hat!
Marisa said…
Nice sweater! :)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Really nice winter look, from your hat to your boots. It's pretty cold here in Georgia, but no snow. I'll be making a trip up north for the holidays so maybe I'll get to see some snow then.

new post:
I love how your hat came out. I just bought more knitting supplies to hopefully get back to knitting over the holiday. Wonderful job, Emmy. Happy new week. x
rooth said…
Brrr look at all that snow!

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