Hello darkness...my old friend

When in doubt, I always go for my tried-and-true all-black. It's also a great way to be seen when there's snow:D

 Guys, I've had this World Republic sweater for more 20 years...cray cray, right?

Timberland boots
Are you a fan of all-black outfits?


Sakuranko said…
Oh I love it your outfit, the black is my happy nd favorite color
Cute photos darling
LL Cool Joe said…
I love black, it's the base colour I always wear, then I add colour. Only other dark colour I wear sometimes is navy blue.
Marisa said…
You look comfortable, nothing wrong to wear all black. :)
Oh and those boots are so cool!
Agata said…
I like your outfit :) Good photos :)
Chic Therapy said…
All black is always a vibe!
Mica said…
You look great in monochrome black and it's impressive you've had that top over 20 years! :)

I love monochromatic looks on others but I can never resist adding in a little extra colour when I wear something like that, haha!

Hope that your week is off to a great start! Going to be a busy one here with lots of fun Christmas events :)

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Adam said…
All black looks really good on you. Very sharp
You can never go wrong with all black cause it's so chic and minimal. As a New Yorker, I'm surprisingly not all that fond of black and rarely wear it from head to toe just because everybody else here does it and color makes me happy especially during the colder months y'know ;p

Thank you so much for the daebak holiday card chingu! It totally made my day to get a little piece of Emmy made art <3
FashionRadi said…
Love an all black outfit! Like you said... it looks extra good with the snow!

Valerie said…
I love all black outfits! It is always such a sophisticated look and you are definitely right, it looks great in the snow! Loving those cute boots too!

SundayDahlias said…
I love all black looks! Super chic!

Oh, wow, I love pieces like that. It looks so cosy and with black you can't go wrong. I tend to wear bright and bold colours in colder months, haha. <3 I love it all. x/M

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