Raindrops and roses

The stark and harsh winters we get here in Canada is really kinda depressing sometimes so what's a girl to do but pretend it's still warm and add some colour in her life:)
old top from Zumiez (I think) and H&M pants

Timberland boots


rooth said…
I love how your hair gets so bright in the wintertime :)
Your vibrant hair is like a nice kick in the teeth to winter chingu ;p Love that shade of pink!
Mica said…
I am loving your bright pink hair - such a fun shade on you! Your hair looks fantastic! :)

Hope that you're having a great week :) I spent the day with my mum yesterday and we are taking the kids out to another Christmas event tonight :)

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I love the contrast of the dreary weather and you all colourful and fabulous! Your hair looks awesome and I just love this outfit. Those boots look really cool!
I do love to wear colours in the winter/colder months. You look amazing. I hope your week finishes off wonderfully! <3
Kinga K. said…
Fantastic captures of you:)
Adam said…
Nice hair color
R's Rue said…
Your hair. Looks so good on you.
SundayDahlias said…
I love the bright pink of your hair!! It's such a fun color for the winter!

Sonia Aicha said…
totally crushing on your top, so cute !
FashionRadi said…
Yes to adding color this winter. I've been wearing lots of red to cheer me up.

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