Currently Loving #50

A smorgasbord of stuff I've been loving recently:)

1) Art of Discarding by Nagisa Tatsumi
This book preceded KonMari, and am currently reading it  because this started the discarding craze in Japan when it came out in 2000. It's a great book that really complements Marie Kondo's method (who was inspired by the book herself).

The ff. movies are now available on Amazon Prime.
2) Midsommar
image from
 I finally got the chance to this movie and I now get the hype. Ari Aster did such an awesome job writing and directing Hereditary, and Midsommar was such a great follow up.

3) Predestination
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This is an old movie (came out 2014) but I just recently saw it and oh...em...gee. If you're a fan of time travel movies such as Looper, you will love this one. Sarah! What a fantastic actress.

3) John Wick 3: Parabellum
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Keanu Reeves....nuff said.

4) Whimsical and Wild and Imagine Out Loud art journal by Jane Davenport
I'm a big fan of Jane Davenport, and decided to finally complete my collection of her books. I'm already using the Imagine Out Loud journal and it's a lot of fun! (Sorry for the blurry pic.)

We got this for Christmas and it's really hard to stop eating them.

What have you been loving lately?


rooth said…
Oooo love stroopwafels!
Oh I definitely need to check out The Art of Discarding. That sounds like my kind of book. I'm in a pretty good place with decluttering but I could always use another perspective. Thanks for sharing chingu!
What a lovely post. I just finished a couple of books and will post about them later next week ro so. Thanks for sharing about these. I used to bring back Dutch stroopwafels for my sister.
Happy weekend, Emmy.
LL Cool Joe said…
I love Stroopwafels too, but the scales don't! If I don't stop eating crap I won't be able to fit into any of my clothes.
Oh yeah I am all about decluttering. I am the opposite of hoarder, I am a tosser. I have not heard of Predestination. I will have to look it up.

Allie of
Mica said…
I've never tried stroopwafels but they always look delicious! :)

That art of discarding book sounds really interesting, but given that I didn't get along well with the Marie Kondo one not sure if that would work for me? Clothes are hard for me to part with so the suggestion of 'starting with the wardrobe as the easiest bit" threw me a bit, haha!

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

Away From Blue
Adam said…
My wife ate one of those on our United flight from DC.
Sharon said…
I miss stroopwafels so much. My parents will send me a parcel from the Netherlands later this week, and I really hope they include some stroopwafels!
iamperlita said…
Stroopwafels made me hungry! I want to start watching more on Amazon Prime. I just finished Fleabag and I loved it! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

PerlaGiselle |

The Imagine Out Loud journal sounds so interesting! I'm glad you are putting it to good use already. The art of Discarding also is really intriguing. I'm trying to de-clutter (though that is admittedly hard for me to do) and really focus on having only things that bring me joy or serve a true purpose. I'll have to look into this book. I hope you have a fabulous week!
the creation of beauty is art.
Sakuranko said…
Midsommar for me It was really dissapointing
But the other look pretty good
Hena Tayeb said…
I just watched Little Women which was great.. Soirse Ronan is brilliant..
I just finished binging on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and am planning on moving on to The Morning Show..
M and I binged The Boys together which I think you may like.
I haven't really watched anything as I've been catching up on a couple of the Real Housewives shows ;op hehehe. I am a HUGE fan of those reality shows. Didn't realise a couple had started up (thanks for the reminder, stupid, super expensive cable I am paying monthly for) before Christmas so I've been binge watching those since!

mizan said…

Awesome photo you have shared here, Thanks a lot for sharing it because it make myself to love.

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