My 2020 Goal

Happy New Year, everyone! Gosh! insane is that?
To start off the year, I thought an outfit post with my new fave shoes is in order:D

old top from my mum, UNIQLO pants, Ecco Incise Urban boots
 I posted these boots on my last Boxing Day purchase. I really love them, as they're just sooooo comfy.

On that note, I'd like to post here my goals for 2020, which is basically to incorporate a more sustainable lifestyle in our household, may it be by walking more instead of driving, recycling/re-using more, or buying less of everything.

 Even though this post did feature new shoes, my goal this year is to minimize buying shoes, clothes and accessories, no buying at all if possible. This pair is my last one for 2019, and hopefully the last for a loooooong time.

 I must admit that 2019 has not been bad. Even with the few stuff I bought, I ended up donating an item to compensate. My hubby suggested the "one in, one out" rule since we did the KonMari method, and I hated this idea at first, but it ended up really working and made me realize how we should cherish what we have now, and that we don't really need much.

Because I knit and sew, my goal is to stop buying commercially-made clothes and just make items that I need. This is one goal I've always wanted to accomplish, but have never seriously thought of doing until now.

(Exception: If I do get the chance to travel, I probably would most likely buy something as a souvenir. Hey...I'm not perfect! :P)

Do you set goals for the new year?


  1. Happy new year Emmy! I love that goal

  2. That's one of my goals too!!

  3. They are cute shoes and I hope that you can meet your no buying goal! I did a 6 months without shopping a few years back and I think it really helped curb my spending habits - I have spent a gift card in the post Christmas sales, and a few things for Christmas next year, but haven't been tempted by anything else fashion wise and hopefully that means I'll spend less this year than I did in 2019! :) Not talented enough to make my own clothes though, haha!

    Hope that the new year and new decade are starting great for you! :)

    Away From Blue

  4. I think I'll switch to almond milk this year.

  5. Happy New Year Emmy! Just wanted to drop by (since it's been so long, sorry) and wish you and your beautiful family all the very best for 2020. I love your goal of sustainability. That is something I've opted to focus on this year too. Watching what I buy is going to be tough but I do love the one in, one out rule. And I do think you could cut yourself some slack in terms of a travel momento or two! ;o)


  6. Cool shoes. I hope 2020 will be Great. Happy New Year :)

  7. Happy 2020 and happy new decade chingu! That's a great goal and something we should all probably be doing if we want to help save the planet. Those boots are a fab pick for your last buy for awhile. I'm cheering you on! The fact that you have daebak sewing and knitting skills will go a long way. I'm writing out my goals for my next post and this is one of mine as well. I totally swear by the one in, one out rule for reducing clutter ;p

  8. Good shoes they look comfy~ happy New Year darling~
    My principal goal in this new year is to be financially stable

  9. Happy New Year, Emmy. I have actually always done that in the past, with one piece given to charity when I buy something, but I usually make a big pile of charity goods a few times a year. I hope 2020 is starting off beautifully. I tried to comment earlier via mobile but I think it didn't go through, oops! <3 /Madison

  10. Very good goal about buying clothes :)

  11. I've said it before but those shoes are super cute! :) I really like your goal, I really need to start buying less of everything as well! Good luck, I know you can do it :)

  12. Great important post, where you make the main focus, really makes me happy for its necessary of importance.


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