Window shopping

Since it's a no-buy year for me when it comes to clothes and shoes, I've been doing a lot of just walking around and seeing stuff in stores that I would like to make.

Here are my current finds:D


rooth said…
I haven't been able to resist some of the more recent sales - ugh
Ah a no buy year, that will be challenging. But it will challenge you to make stuff. I hope this inspires you!! Good luck!

Allie of
LL Cool Joe said…
A no buy year, ouch that sounds hard, so you've made it through half of January. Does that include not buying fabric to make stuff too?
Mica said…
I really like that red knit in the last pic! I don't have many red clothing items but I did try on a few red knits last autumn / winter but couldn't find the perfect one for me unfortunately - it's on my wishlist for the upcoming autumn, if it ever cools down here, ha!

Good luck with your no buy! my 6 months without fashion shopping a couple years ago was really hard for me but it definitely changed the way I shop now (for the better!)

Hope that you are having a great week :)

Away From Blue
Adam said…
Can you last all year?
Sakuranko said…
Oh I love it the polka dots skirt
Great picks darling
A no buy is such a great challenge! Hwaiting chingu! You can do it. That second to last look is calling my name and I'm pretty sure I have the components in my closet to recreate something similar. In different colors, though cause camel looks like crap on me ;p
Makeup Muddle said…
I love a good window shopping session! It always makes me feel inspired with what kind of outfits to put together, and you feel like you've been proper shopping even when you haven't hehe xo

Makeup Muddle
R's Rue said…
Good luck. I can't wait to see what you make.
Evi Erlinda said…
Haha, No buy year ? It's still January! Let's see, we still have more than 333 days :)

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