Life Lately #QuarantineLife

My daughter doing her voice lesson via Zoom

 Quick  activities outside
 Playing Monopoly

Knitting while watching the news obsessively
 Drawing to forget what's going on outside
Visiting the grandparents

How are you all doing? How are you spending your time while everything is on lockdown?


rooth said…
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rooth said…
Looks like you all are staying busy - I hope everyone is staying healthy!
Yes, life is so different for the entire world right now, but helathy distractions are good. It's lovely to see you guys are making the most of it. I'm staying busy working remotely and trying to catch up with blogs, baking and knitting, hopefully more soon. xo/M
Beauty said…
You are doing a lot of fun activities. The visit to the grand parents while keeping a safe distance just melts my heart...:-) Beautiful Pictures. My kids have been taking their Piano lessons via Zoom too and they begin their School long distance (on-line lessons) on Monday. I have been keeping busy watching videos on YouTube while trying to keep my mind off the News and I just noticed you have a YouTube Channel. I'll check out your Channel. Enjoy the Weekend.
LL Cool Joe said…
I'm actually quite enjoying the lockdown. I'm quite busy, but I think if it goes on for months I will change my mind!
Mica said…
It's sad the distancing that has to happen when seeing grandparents! My parents have been keeping safe as much as possible and are really missing the boys. Hubby's parents are not following any recommendations are ares till coming over and visiting and travelling around....I think that the new rules in place now might make them stay home but who knows! School is closed so they don't have the excuse that they want to do the school run as they miss the kids, haha! They are both high risk so I hope they are staying home and taking precautions!

Thank goodness for technology letting us still stay in touch with my parents :)

Hope that you are having a nice weekend! It's another quiet one at home here.

Away From Blue
Adam said…
Monopoly would drive me more crazy than entertained during quarantine
Who would have thought we'd be spending 2020 like this? It's great that your kids can see their grandparents. Even though it is highly unconventional it's still connecting with them. I've been using this time to take to blogging, but rather than watching the news incessantly, I've been on Twitter scrolling for updates!

sarah shahzad said…
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sarah shahzad said…
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sarah shahzad said…
well great activities for every one & i love Monopoly. thank you for sharing :)
i miss you poems
FashionRadi said…
Hope you're doing well!
I'm doing similar things to keep busy. So far, so good!
It's so crazy that what's going on now is the new normal for the foreseeable future. Those of us who have to stay at home have it the easiest and we should appreciate it. I haven't been doing as much I had planned because I'm having a terrible time with my chronic pain and just trying to manage that has been the priority cause it just knocks me out. We only watch the news early in the day and Governor Cuomo's updates are a must because he speaks the truth and reassures us. I'm so glad he's running my state and that I voted for him. Hang in there chingu <3
Sharon said…
Hope you're doing well! I've been deep cleaning the house and playing video games!
stylefrontier said…
Love to see your photos dear!
I want to start drawing again
Hope you stay healthy and safe
style frontier
R's Rue said…
I love Monopoly.
That is so cool that she can do her voice lesson via Zoom. My mother is a voice teacher but she and many of her students are older so may be intimidated by Zoom. With the blog, my photography and YT channel I have enough to keep me busy for the time being.

Allie of

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