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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Oh... what crazy times we are living in!

During this depressing timeline we are living in, I find it hard to find anything to blog about. What do I write about? There is so much fear and uncertainty going on right now... I'm at a loss.

Everywhere in the world, the covid19 has taken such a hold, not just in China, Iran and Italy (the most affected countries). Cities are on lockdown. Travel has been banned in many places. Hospitals are all being overwhelmed. Social distancing and staying home are the new norm (well, I hope it is for everyone).

My kids are all home right now. All our plans for March Break have been cancelled, and they are all home until April 5th. Who knows? This can be extended to God-knows-when.

For an introvert like me, being at home all the time is really par for the course. As someone who genuinely doesn't like socializing much, it's really not hard. I knit. I like to draw. I binge-watch horror stuff....😄

The kids and I try to go out for walk/bike so they don't go crazy and get some exercise.

How is it where you are? Is your city on lockdown? How are you affected by the situation? How are you keeping yourself busy?


  1. Hi Emmy! Hope you are doing well! Malaysia is under a lockdown as well so people can't really go out of the country and no foreigners are allowed to come as well. I hope everything will be back to normal very soon

    style frontier

  2. Hey there, our city just closed all restaurants and bars for dine-in service and most people who can work from home are (not me though!). Stay safe and I'm thinking about y'all

  3. Scary times everywhere. We are meant to be self isolating, but people are ignoring the advice and cafes, pubs and restaurants are still open in London and other places. Some people are working from home, but the majority seem to be carrying on as normal!

  4. New Orleans is considered a hot spot for the virus. We currently have 116 cases and 4 deaths (the deaths were in one location so far). Local government has asked everyone to stay home and if out to practice social distancing. Restaurants are providing curbside and take out only. Grocery stores are open but with curtailed hours. I’m stocked up and working from home. Staying vigilant, because my mom is 71. She’s doing well. Also helping the seniors in my block. It’s truly scary seeing this on a global scale and its effects. Stay safe Emmy. Praying for your family.
    Kim Alston
    A Very Sweet Blog

  5. It is definitely a really difficult time. Personally, I love staying indoors and my favourite saying is "cancelled plans are my favourite plans." So for me? Staying inside isn't too difficult. However, even though most of the world seems to be staying at work is still open. So I am still needing to go to work and deal with people all day. That has been stressful, to say the least. I wish businesses and citizens alike would take this outbreak more seriously. There are so many people blatantly ignoring the idea of self isolation and refusing to stay at home. It's frustrating, especially since many people in my life have immune system issues. Sigh. I hope you and your family stay well during this time. <3

  6. Schools are closed, restaurants are becoming carryout only.

    I'm tired of all this.

  7. I am a very happy introvert since I have been able to work from home for the past week and will continue to do so in the future! It is really scary, though. I'm afraid to do simple things like go grocery shopping because I'm afraid of catching and spreading the virus. It's also pretty scary to see how uncertain the future is and how long this will continue to go on for :/


  8. Schools are closed. Social distancing is key.

  9. Same here.. most likely our April travel plans will be cancelled. Our kids are doing remote learning so I am home schooling most of the day..
    We are getting in a lot of family time though.. movies nights, game nights and a little extra sleep in the morning.

  10. It's such a worrying time, all schools have closed here too! I hope you keep safe lovely xo

    Makeup Muddle

  11. I'm glad you are keeping busy and you are adjusting well! I had to work from home this week with the kids at home too and it was rough! I'm glad I only work 3 days a week. I'm not sure if we will be in the office next week - my husband is working from home indefinitely and we are reconsidering having our parents help with childcare like they usually would in case it puts them at risk. What a crazy world indeed! I think it's good to still have an escape into blogs - it's my me time in the morning and evenings while the kids sleep, to put posts together and see what others have written and I'm thankful you and others are still blogging! I may run out of outfits if they shut the schools - I'll only be going out for the school run in future!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  12. I'm an introvert too so staying home for me equals being in my element. Unfortunately for work, it is business as usual so I am out and about all week. It's a no-win situation. I can't work from home and I am worried work may be suspended because of the pandemic. Over here nothing really is happening. We have social distancing but rules are only set in place for "large" gatherings. Schools remain open, why, I have no idea. I was watching a program and a teacher had written in livid about this decision to keep kids in school. The government says it is to keep everyone safe. This teacher pointed out the MAIN reason to keep kids in school is for EDUCATION. Teachers are not babysitters and teachers are also at risk too. I feel for all those service workers who have no choice but to work. I do grocery merchandising and I feel for these workers too. They've been under so much stress and pressure with the madness of panic buying, they've been abused and one person got stabbed in another suburb last week. If the government decides to put us in lockdown, they still have to go to work and put themselves and their families at risk. What can we do for these people?



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