Sheer power

I usually don't wear see-through tops, but my mom seems to like buying them, and when she doesn't like them anymore, she passes it on to her kids:D I must admit I wear them a lot, especially lately since I'm not buying clothes this year....hehe
top from my mom worn with Banana Republic tank, Hot Topic jeans, Vans x Thrasher slip ons

I don't know what's happening to my feet here.
Anyhoo, with all these covid19 thing going on, just wanna say to all of you...Stay safe!


rooth said…
Y'all stay safe as well!
LL Cool Joe said…
I hope you used your hand sanitiser after touching those things! So I'm not an expert on this stuff, if you wear a see through top what are you meant to wear under it?
Tonight our government is going to take drastic measures to contain the virus. I hope you're safe too. I love your hair so... radical !!

It's great that you're still getting hand me downs from your mom in your year of no shopping :) I have a few sheer tops but I don't really wear them much now. These are scary times. Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy chingu <3
It looks great on you! I love that print as well. Definitely a fabulous outfit overall. It's always nice to get hand me down clothes from loved ones.
the creation of beauty is art.
Mica said…
That's such a fun top! Such a summery print :) I don't like sheer items either as they require layering and most of the year that's hard to do with the heat here, haha, but I do have a few sheer pieces in my wardrobe!

I hope that you stay safe too - lots in the news here about the virus but we are safe and don't have any upcoming travel planned so we are okay so far! :)

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From Blue
Hot guys said…
Hey, Emmylou! :)

You're not buying clothes this year? Guess that's a strong decision, huh? Hope you succeed, I'm sure you will. And you look awesome, it's a cool top. Banana Republic is great.

Gotta agree about the virus, take causion everyone. See ya ^.^
Sheer tops are fun, the only down side is having to always wear them with a cami or tank, as most times it is not practical not to unless you are going to the beach. This is one is cute and lover the hot pink in your hair! And good luck with not buying any clothes this year!

Allie of
Makeup Muddle said…
I love sheer tops, they're so cute and perfect for spring xo

Makeup Muddle
Adam said…
My work is guaranting we get paid if we get corona.

Some people might be trying to get it.
That is such a cute shirt on you. I really love the print. I actually quite love sheer tops, yet feel overly insecure in them so don't end up wearing them! I think I just "love" the idea of them. Hope you and the family are keeping safe too. Hopefully no toilet paper issues?! (Hopefully that idiocy hasn't spread to Canadian shores)

FashionRadi said…
Love the print of your top.
Hope you're doing well!

I used to be obsessed with sheer blouses. I still have a few. Love this one that you're wearing. Stay safe as well, Emmy. Had to brave the store for a few things today, but now just working remotely. Take care! x

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