Easter 2020

This will be the first time for many of us Catholics that Holy Week will go by without being in church, but such is life. The great thing is that you can pray anywhere:)

If you celebrate (or even if you don't), wishing you a blessed Good Friday, and a Happy Easter!
a page from my sketchbook:)


Mica said…
What a cute bunny! :)

Happy Easter! I will miss our usual Easter of going to church in the morning and having an Easter meal with the family - my mum cooks so well, I'm nowhere near as good sadly! At least I have church online! :)

Hope that you are having a nice week :) We are enjoying the Easter break, at home of course.

Away From Blue
That is such a beautiful piece of art! I love it. This Easter is definitely going to be different. I'm not quite sure how to deal with that but I'm trying to stay positive. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. <3
the creation of beauty is art.
Look at that pretty little Easter Bunny you painted! I don't celebrate but here's wishing you and your family a blessed Good Friday, and a very Happy Easter! <3
Yes, so true. We can pray anywhere, lol. We have been watching online services. Also, I Skyped with my parents the other night and watched them make a meal. Hilarious and fun!
Love that rabbit you created. Happy Good Friday, Em. <3 x

LL Cool Joe said…
Yes I think this is the first time in years I haven't been to church on Easter Sunday, but as you say we can worship at home. Cute bunny! Happy Easter!
Antonella said…
Nice bunny <3
Happy Easter
Mai Nguyen said…
Happy Easter! Your painting is very cute!

✰ maidoesthings.com
Happy Easter Emmy. I hope you all had a lovely, unconventional Easter.

Happy Easter and adore this illustration!!

Allie of
rooth said…
Happy Easter to you and yours!
Sakuranko said…
Awww this is so p´retty
Happy easter darling
Makeup Muddle said…
Is there an end to your talents Emmy? You can paint beautifully too! I wish I could paint, I think it would be really calming and fun to do xo

Makeup Muddle
Vision By Mila said…
Hope you had a nice one! :)

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