I'm walkin on sunshine....

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it's been harder for people to #StayAtHome because of covid19.

I get it. We all want to be out and about and go on with our lives. I myself still go out for quick walks for some fresh air (while keeping distance, of course). Hence, this outfit. (It forces me to get out of my jammies!)

But you know what? The more people not follow the rules, the more people will get infected and the longer this self-quarantine will go on. Why don't we all try to be less selfish, k?
Roots sweater, Love Child pants, Vans slip ons

How are you all doing? As always, stay safe:)


This is a great walking outfit! Cute and totally patriotic. I completely agree with you. While I understand people are getting a bit stir crazy - especially with the nicer weather - it is more important than ever to stay inside. The sooner everyone knuckles down and follows the rules, the sooner we can get back to some sense of normality. Glad you were able to get outside for a little while!
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Shon said…
So cute! Yes, let's get fresh air but keep our distance. Big hugs to you and your family, Stay well.
Hopefully this will dissipate soon; I feel that we all are in the second phase of it all, and if more people would abide by the rules it will certainly help! Hope you are staying healthy and well, Emmy. x
Amen Emmy. It's really not that hard. And you're not actually being asked to sell your first born here either. Stay home. Simple. Your lucky you get to and you're lucky to even have a home, some people aren't like the homeless.

Mica said…
Such a cute casual outfit - i like the printed pants :) I agree, it's better to follow the rules - they are in place to keep us safe after all! :) We are struggling a bit here, this week the schools were closed so I had to teach both boys while also working from home and that wasn't easy! It's the school holidays now, although they expect to only be doing online learning when the break is over...we will see what happens. For now, we stay home unless hubby or I go get groceries, or we walk the dogs. We try not go to the shops often and we always stay away from people when we are out walking. Not everyone in the shops follows the rules though unfortunately!

Hope that your weekend is going well :) We are all staying home and staying safe.

Away From Blue
Antonella said…
So cute! =)
Makeup Muddle said…
Your hair looks amazing Emmy! Love those camo pants, they're so cute xo

Makeup Muddle
Adam said…
I'm starting to have nothing but hatred for people coming to my job because they're bored because everything is shut down.
FashionRadi said…
Me too...I've been going walking everyday. Love the sunshine and fresh air to recharge.

dlkgzr said…
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Seriously people need to stop being selfish. If only they would realize that if they stay in now, it means the quicker the spread can slow. Its' like the best thing they can do if they want to support the healthcare workers as well. We've mainly been hanging out on our terrace or doing laps around the garden downstairs. Have a daebak new week chingu!
I know I hear you, I don't know what is up with people I am at my wits end with the selfishness of some people. It is exhausting. I am glad you can get out for walks I can too, live in the suburbs so can walk without to many people too close.

Allie of
rooth said…
We're both doing a-okay - not going out unless necessary (in my case barely at all). Lots of books and podcasts keeping me entertained. And puzzles!
Hena Tayeb said…
It there was ever a weather to be social distancing in I'm glad it is now instead of the winter..
It's nice enough to be outside and enjoy the sunshine and flowers.
We are staying at home for 3 weeks however some people don't obey the rules. :(
Perla Sanchez said…
I go for short walks too even if it is just in the back yard.

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