Madness May

I can't believe it's May, you guys! This year has been so crazy, and I can't believe it's not even half way through...cray cray.

The good thing is that things are starting to bloom, and even though these photos are just in our backyard, it's great to finally see spring has really sprung:)
I think this sweater is from my mum (worn with Calvin Klein pants and Vans slip ons).
close up of the sweater..I really like it:)

I've been styling her hair during the quarantine...hahaha!
PS In case you have some time, I did an art studio tour on my YouTube channel:)

How are things where you are? Are things still on lockdown for you?


Mica said…
Such a cute knit from your mum and it's nice to see your daughter joining in the pics too! :) More restrictions were removed here in Queensland and it's going to be so interesting to see what happens tomorrow as they are anticipating even more will be! I think my kids will like being back to school and being back in their routine next week :)

Hope that you are having a good week :)

Away From Blue
Just spending a bit of time in your backyard must be so nice! That way you can really enjoy and embrace the season. These pictures are really cute as well. You both just look so happy. Also, that sweater is fabulous. What a great piece!
the creation of beauty is art.
OMG did Mini Me have a growth spurt? She's almost as tall you :) Yes the warmer weather is definitely welcome even if we can't really go anywhere. Hey at least you guys have a backyard and it's good you're getting out for some fresh air and fun. Love what you did with her hair! I hope you're feeling much better now chingu <3 That's a fab sweater! We're still in lockdown though more things are opening up around our neighborhood and that's giving me life right now.
LL Cool Joe said…
Excuse me but when did your daughter grow up! Looks like you are having fun. I'm so grateful to have a garden at the moment.
Kinga K. said…
What a nice time and pretty pics ♥
R's Rue said…
Your mini me is precious. Enjoy your backyard.
It's so lovely to see your little ones grow up, as long as I have been following you. I love that knit of your mum's. It's beautiful. I hope you have a great May weekend, Emmy. I cannot believe it's May!
I'm off to finally relax, been working all hours of the night even quarantined. :) xo/Madison
Makeup Muddle said…
Aww she looks just like you! I can't believe we're nearly mid year already. It's scary how fast this year is going xo

Makeup Muddle
rooth said…
I know, I can't believe it's practically summer. And your mini me is getting SO TALL!

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