Sinister...but not really.

Wearing this jacket with a mask makes me feel like Lisbeth from Girl With A Dragon Tattoo (minus the hacking skills and other talents) and I'm here for it! :D

It's been raining like crazy where I am, which is good I guess considering how hot it has been lately.

Tommy Hilfiger jacket, old dress I sewed, Adidas sneakers


I love that! And the mask is seriously fantastic. What a cute print! I'm also feeling grateful for the rain because the heat has just been so intense lately! I hope you have a fantastic week.
the creation of beauty is art.
Hena Tayeb said…
We have had rain predictions but no actual rain.. it is so hot and dry here.. we need a bout of good rain.
Mica said…
I love the darker kind of look this creates then I scrolled to the end and saw ti was a betty boop mask - good way to make something cute and fun a bit darker! I like the feel of these pics! :)

Masks have been recommended (although not required) by one of our grocery store chains here after some stupid ladies brought the virus with them from another state with an outbreak and lied about where they had been to avoid quarantine. And then continued to go out and see people and visit places even after they got tested....hopefully it continues to be a low number of cases they introduce here, it's at 5 right now. that's more than we have had outside of mandatory quarantine for returning travellers in months though! But it means I wore a mask to the supermarket last week - it's a strange feeling but I'm happy to do it to keep myself and others safe!

Hope that your week is off to a good start! :)

Away From Blue
Yeah I get where you're going but I don't find you sinister at all just because I know what a sweetheart you are <3 Loving the outfits and how the mask contrasts with your cool pastel hair! The rain is coming for us tomorrow.
Sakuranko said…
Oh i love it your mask! Nice style
LL Cool Joe said…
Yeah very gangsta! Lol. I get the impression you quite like wearing your mask. :D
R's Rue said…
You are so pretty. Not sinister.

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