What have I been watching #17

 Just some stuff I've been watching lately:)

1) Perry Mason
This new HBO series is so freaking awesome, you guys! What a great take on the old series. It's basically a prequel, which shows how Perry got his start. A very dark take on a classic for sure, but Matthew Rhys is so great in the role. The whole season is now available for streaming on HBO, so you don't have to wait like I did:D

2) Strangers 2
I didn't even know there was Season 2 until it popped up on my Netflix notification. Only 4 episodes are up so far, so I'm waiting patiently every week:D So happy Netflix is showing this.

3) Ju-On Origins

If you liked The Grudge movies, then you have to see this series. Asian horrors are the best! Not heavily reliant on special effects, and it's more of a slow build, but definitely many scary moments.

4) Joker

I know....I know....this is an "oldish" movie, but I just recently saw, and OMG! That Oscar given to Joaquin Phoenix was so well-deserved! Loved this movie so much. So depressing for sure, but what a great take on the Joker character.

PS In case you're looking for something to watch, here is my latest YouTube upload:D

What have you been watching lately?


We are keeping it light and watching Hometown Flex with my fave Lee Seung Gi and Cha Tae Hyun and the new season of Three Meals A Day Fishing Village which is giving me so much joy. I love seeing Cha-jumma cook ;p
I cancelled my Netflix I just found I spent more time looking for stuff to watch then actually watching stuff. But ooooooo the new Perry Mason sounds so good! I love Mathew Rhys he was great in The Americans.

Allie of
Adam said…
It was a bit depressing for me, but I did enjoy it
Mica said…
I need to try find more time to watch netflix! I have been reading more lately but haven't watched any TV shows or movies for a while!

Hope you are having a nice week :)

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