I can feel it in the air.

 Man....the sun is rising later and later now, and the mornings are quite cool. Fall is in the air....huhuhu.

PS Guys, can I just brag a bit? I sewed everything I'm wearing...even the mask! :D


Jenna H. said…
Love the outfit! :)
Jenna ♥
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Mica said…
Such lovely layers and well done on sewing everything! You're so talented and I wish I had the skills and patience for something like that! I always saw myself making kids clothes, like mum did for my sister and me, but she no longer had her sewing machine by the time I had kids and it seemed like a lot of effort if I wouldn't keep it up, haha! I just thrift them cute clothes instead :)

Hope your week is off to a good start :)

Away From Blue
I am excited about fall but it certainly is an adjustment to see it get darker and darker each day! Also....THIS LOOK IS SO CHIC. My goodness, you are talented. I absolutely love this.
the creation of beauty is art.
R's Rue said…
Your looks always reflect the beautiful person you are.
Oh wow you sewed all of this? How nice! What a great look and love the mask! And yes it is getting a cooler here to. Still hot during the day but cooler at night which is nice. Fall is generally my favorite season though it seems we do not have as much of a traditional fall as we use to and it seems like it goes right from warm and muggy to cold.

Allie of
Anonymous said…
You absolutely should brag! That is fabulous!
You can/should totally brag about the fact that you sewed everything you're wearing. Some of us (like me) would kill for your awesome skills chingu ;p
rooth said…
Wow that's impressive!
Yes, you should absolutely brag about sewing pieces. It's always such a joy to see when you create something that you love. I should get back to sewing. <3 Take care, Emmy. xx
Shon said…
Brag on!! Way to go! You have really gotten so great at sewing. Love the flow of this outfit.
Yes, Fall is in the air.

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