Perfectly Splendid

The title is something that one of the characters from the show The Haunting Of Bly Manor always said. I just recently binge-watched it, you guys, and it's sooooo good! (Many scary moments, but I was crying by the last episode...huhuhu). Anyhoo, a lot of the characters on the show wear these awesome knitwear pieces, and thus, this outfit is heavily inspired by it:)

Muji sweater, Hot Topic pants, Vans

A scene from the show....
image from

Have you seen this show? Are your outfits inspired by films/shows that you watch?


Mica said…
That's such a cosy knit and it looks great with the tartan pants! it's so nice you were inspired by the show - even if it's not something I'd watch as I don't do scary shows, haha! I have bought a bag based on seeing it on a TV show, and still think about buying another one I saw on that same show...haha.

Hope that you had a good weekend! :)

Away From Blue
I LOVE that knitted sweater with those pants. Such a cool look! I keep meaning to watch this show (and even added it to my list) but I just haven't had the time. Thank you for the reminder to set aside some time to watch it before Halloween!
the creation of beauty is art.
Hena Tayeb said…
It's on the list.. we really loved the first season.
Your sweater look super cozy.
That's such a cool sweater and it looks awesome styled with those plaid pants! I always forget that Muji does clothes too until I visit one of their stores but then I always get caught up looking at the housewares. I've heard this show is good but you know what a scaredy cat I am ;p
ellie said…
A friend of mine is watching it and loves it! Love your pants. Great sweater for so many fall outfits. Cool hair too!
Kinga K. said…
I like it, cool pants ❤
Such a beautiful outfit. I like ti so much.

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Lovely said…
That's a wonderful look! The sweater is wonderfully paired.

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