Gotta love Jang Seung Jo 장승조

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 Sooooo...I am currently binge-watching the show The Good Detective on Netflix, and guys, I'm just obsessing over one of the main leads, Jang Seung Jo. I love the character that he plays, and he's also easy on the eyes....LOLZ. He also has great chemistry with the co-star Lee Elijah (who's so freaking gorgeous I can't even).

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Who's your current fave actor/actress? Do you watch Korean shows?


ellie said…
Sounds wonderful! He does look familiar. I am finishing up When I was most Beautiful. It has some tearful moments and the whole cast performed so well in this drama. Unfortunately, I have been taken by a few Chinese drama I can't but keep watching. The other Korean drama on Viki I have been watching is More Than Friends with Shin Ye-Eun. I watched her drama with Kim Myung Soo Welcome but was kind of disappointed in it. I loved her with Jin Young in He is Psychometric.
Okay. I haven't seen this show but I do need to thank you for this post because WOW. Easy on the eyes is an understatement!!
I'm so glad to see JSJ finally getting a leading role. Really enjoyed him in Encounter and Chocolate. If you like him, you should really watch Money Flower if you haven't already. He was outstanding in that drama! Watching The Light In Your Eyes recently really made me appreciate the excellence of Kim Hye Ja :)
Mica said…
I haven't seen the show but he does look handsome! I really need to try make some more time to watch some of the shows on my netflix list, it keeps growing longer but I never get to watch it, haha!

Hope your week is off to a good start :)

Away From The Blue
Kathy Leonia said…
seems very interesting and worth watching;)
Sakuranko said…
Oh very interesting TV show thanks for share with us
The two main leads look great
Lovely said…
I haven't watched this show. Thanks for sharing!
Kinga K. said…
I want to watch it❤
LL Cool Joe said…
Good looking lad. :D I'm not watching TV, but I recently bought the DVD of the film "The Hate U Give" and think Amandla Stenberg is really good actress and easy on the eyes too. :D
Very interesting article! The pictures are great too! Have a great week! 🍂🌾🍁
Hena Tayeb said…
He has such beautiful flawless skin..
ellie said…
OH..have you watched the K-Drama..True Beauty yet? I just watched the first episodes and its got all the feels. I have watched these two in other dramas, but I think this is one of their best for both!

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