It's always hoodie weather.

 Gotta love snow in March...

American Eagle hoodie, UNIQLO pants, Adidas sneakers


Thought I'd show off my socks which I knitted myself:D

out and about (had to get new shoes for the little one so we braved the mall!)

 Are things opening up where you are, or are things back to normal for awhile now?


rooth said…
Cute socks! Everything is open (has been open) here, although I still haven't gone to anywhere like the mall. Hope y'all are staying warm!
Lovely the vibes here, Enjoy the snow and stay warm Your look and socks are super comfortable Love them. Cris
Such fun and pretty socks! You always make the best things Emmy! Things have been opening up more in NYC but honestly I'm not sure it's such a great idea with all the new variants and people just acting like the pandemic is over when it's not.
Mica said…
The socks look so cute and cosy and I hope the snow stops soon for you! Things are open and pretty much back to normal here - you can get together in groups of 500 without any special covid plans in place, sports and school are back on. We aren't going well with the vaccination rates but so far we seem to be keeping the virus contained with hotel quarantine for people who arrive in the country so we feel pretty lucky for sure!

Hope your week is going well! It's a rainy one here!

Away From The Blue
Hena Tayeb said…
I will have to disagree with you there... we have had far too much snow this year.. I do not want any more.
Things have returned to almost normal here.. everyone is doing everything they used to before.. just with masks.
LL Cool Joe said…
I think hoodies are always cool. I wear them all year round! No things are still a long way from normal here in the UK. Our numbers are going down though and we are getting vaccinated but really a lot of places won't be opening until June, so we are a long way from normal sadly.

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