What have I been watching #21

 We are back in lockdown again, so no going out, even for church or anything like that. What does that mean? More Tv watch time! LOLZ

Here are some shows/films I've seen lately that I like/love:

(all images from imdb.com)

 Godzilla vs Kong

Love love love this film! My kiddos and I are big fans of both franchises, so this was a no-brainer. The fight scenes were the best part TBH. The human acting...not so much...LOLZ (although it does have Aleksander Skarsgard, so.....)

His House

An awesome psychological horror with brilliant acting from the two leads: Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku. Wunmi is in the upcoming Loki series so I'm so excited to see her in it!

Slaughterhouse Rulez

A pretty gory horror/comedy, but it has Michael Sheen and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost...can't go wrong with these guys.

Speaking of Michael Sheen, I finally had a chance to see the show Staged...and oh em gee....what a freaking hilarious show. I've always loved them both in Good Omens, so it's awesome to see them do another show together, and playing themselves:D

The Stand

So...I read mostly bad reviews of this show but I thought I'd give it a shot because of Alexander Skarsgard (LOLZ) and next thing you know...I was binge-watching the entire thing. Sigh....

(I should say that I really hate Amber Heard with a passion and she's in it....huhuhu)


My daughter really loves this movie and she convinced me to rent it and well....I did like it. It was nice to see Chris Evans in a role like this, and Mckenna Grace is such a great child actress.

What have you been watching lately?


ellie said…
These look so good! I have been having a blast watching "heavenly sword and dragon slaying sabre" an epic Chinese Martial Arts Fantasy. It's oldest actor is actually 84 and he can even do some crazy stunts. It is all action, but it's romances are just as genuine. But WORD OF HONOR might be better, the latest Chinese bromance of the year full of ghosts, heros and waunders.
It is definitely tough being back in another lockdown. It gets harder and harder every time. But you are right...it certainly leaves time to watch TV and movies! I haven't seen anything on your list but I will have to keep my eyes peeled for your suggestions. (I am currently continuing to binge watch trashy reality television. It's like cotton candy for my brain and I am okay with that!)
the creation of beauty is art.
R's Rue said…
Thanks for sharing.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
The only one here that I've seen is Gifted -- great movie. Would love to watch a couple of these if I have the streaming services for them. We love at-home movie nights.

new post: my wedding - https://www.ohtobeamuse.com/2021/04/atlanta-georgia-wedding.html
Mica said…
Gifted sounds interesting, but the others too scary for me, haha! I have seen staged though, such a good show and I really enjoyed it! I'd just finished watching Good Omens and saw it was available - I like that it's shorter episodes so although I don't get a lot of time in front of the TV I was able to watch it quite quickly - a really good show and way to film during lockdown!

Hope that your week is off to a good start! We spent yesterday at the beach, it was wonderful :)

Away From The Blue
I have His House on my watch list. We just finished Reply 1988 and plan to start Reply 1994 soon. I just need sweet nostalgic entertainment right now.
That's such great news that your hubby got his first dose of the vaccine over the weekend. I hope he didn't experience too many side effects and that you'll be able to get yours soon too chingu <3
Hena Tayeb said…
We watched King Kong over the weekend. I wasn't paying much attention.. but the kids loved it.
I just finished binging all 5 and 1/2 seasons of Lucifer.
And M and I are finally catching up on the last season of The Crown. I am not enjoying it. When you know how it ends.. it's just painful to watch. Lot's of anger.
Don't watch a lot of movies.
Oh His House sounds good. Oh yeah I can see not wanting to watch anything with Amber Heard in it. UGH. I watched Trust on Hulu and it was really good. I also watched The Handmaidens Tale and oh boy was I disappointed. You can get my FULL thoughts on the blog LOL.

Allie of
Sakuranko said…
I want to watch his house sounda very good
An dI already have awaiting Godzilla vs Kong
Thanks for share with us
Kinga K. said…
I want to watch Gifted❤

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